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Top five Apps used in Goa for Messaging

Top five Apps used in Goa for Messaging

Now that you are in Goa and having the time of your life, the joy will remain incomplete if your friends both in and out of Goa do not have all the insight of your joy journey. This is why you need the best messenger apps to help you document as well as share your memorable holiday moments with your gang.

The fresh way to communicate is through messaging. A lot of you will argue about that fact and say that it is lighter to talk on the phone; however you leave behind one significant detail – it is expensive. This is where messenger apps come in. I have a list of the best messenger apps for your Goa journey and what makes them good is that they are free to download, free to use as well as amazingly effortless to operate.

If you are using Gmail – which I am sure everybody uses unless they have been living under a rock, then you must be familiar with Google Talk as well. Google Talk makes you nostalgic and takes you back to the not so old times of AOL Instant Messaging, albeit with a twist of the modern technology. With Google Talk, you can link movies as well as photos with your messages. Just download the app on your phone and you will see that it works just like it did on your computer. The app provides you the freedom of adding as many Gmail accounts as you want and switch inbetween them so all your conversation are in one place. With Google Talk, you can just begin your conversation and then leave for lunch while still receiving and responding to messages. With Google Talk you can create group talks, which also makes planning a lot lighter.

This messenger app has been around for fairly a while now and is still going strong. Skype gives you a fine communication channel with people across the world as well as across the room. You can sign up for Skype for free and use it to call, message or video-chat. You can lightly send your pictures to your friends through the messenger even if they are not online. To do that, you will need to give Skype permission to use the camera and microphone on your phone when you very first open Skype. In case you only write to someone then you do not need to enable access to calls or movies.

Dasher makes messaging elementary in the twenty one st century. You just write a message, send a yes or no question and even search for GIFs. All you need to do is type in a hashtag along with your current mood and voila the app will come up with a popular GIF to match your mood. With Dasher you not only plan a lunch date with friends but also send them a map of where you want to meet. The app shares the location of your friends, providing you an insight on when people will begin arriving. The app also has another superb feature – it permits you to send money through it so you can pay your friends back for your meal.

This is The God of messenger apps and almost every one of us have used it or at least heard of it at one time or the other. With WhatsApp you send messages, movies and photos to friends both separately or in groups. To commence with the app, you will need to verify your phone number, which permits you to pull in the contacts of people who are also using WhatsApp. The best thing about this app is that you do not have to go searching for friends as WhatsApp will pull them all in for you, providing you a choice to select the ones you want to commence a conversation with. This app permits you to share your location, customize your profile and even email message history.

This is an app that combines a social media service with a messenger. With Line you can lightly send photos, text, movies as well as custom-made stickers to your friends while at the same time posting to a individual timeline. Talk with a friend or a group and even send money through Line Pay. Line can also be used to make movie and audio calls. The App was already available on Android and iPhone and now it is also on Apple Witness and Android Wear so now you can never miss a notification.

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