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Official OSX, Windows, and Linux Desktop Clients for Rocket.Talk

. Rocket.Talk Desktop client is the official desktop app for Rocket.Talk, the elementary but powerful open source web talk platform. It's tested on macOS.

Connect your Mystic BBS Teleconference to other Mystci BBSes

. Mystic Relay Talk (MRC) is a drop-in addition to your existing Mystic BBS. MRC runs a python client that interfaces with your Mystic BBS and the MRC.

ordinary open source php based web talk system

. ) Desktop notification, sound alert, auto scroll to fresh message Five) Attachments, smileys 6) Numerous tab talk 7) Message History *Audio-Video talk using WebRTC.

A little project for my training in C++. My very first real GUI programm.

. This is a little talk, you can talk with anyone is connect to the server. One person open the server, choose a port and share it and his IP to.

. Application grabs movie from connected usb webcams and flows data to Android based Webcam Client appliaction (available in Google Play.

Unified Communications Server

. compatible with popular IP phones, gateways and SIP trunks. Elastix is finish with unified communications features such as integrated WebRTC movie.

High-speed, 3D-friendly, TightVNC-compatible remote desktop software

. that is tuned for maximum spectacle and compression with 3D applications (VirtualGL), movie, and other image-intensive workloads. TurboVNC, in.

MP3 flows, online, Ogg Vorbis flows,icecast, web radio

. other features like security,stability its provides also a talk channel for everyone to interract and communicate. Icecast server is released as free.

. Mylene200 is a server running on top of Mylene music server, mimicking a Mylene music server and permitting concurrent client connections. Client.

CMS Forum software Gallery Wiki cms multilingual multi site social

. quick (10X),dynamic sitemap;multi site in different domain;multi server;HTML5 microdata; PayPal IPN,SEO,talk,Adsense,templates,plugins. Support.

Web frontend for MPD and Mopidy

. Rompr is a music player that lets you detect more about the music you love and detect fresh music you don't even know yet. It is a client for the.

Rolisteam helps you to manage a role playing game with remote friends

Java Open Chess is a project written in Java in NetBeans IDE. There is possibility to play for two players on local computers and via network connection

. The Jamulus software enables musicians to perform real-time jam sessions over the internet. There is a Jamulus server which collects the audio data.

Web CRM/ERP application to store, organize and manage business records

. Server – More information on how to get embarked can be found here: Ordinary: automatic or semi-automatic methods: – Setup hosting.

Open Source, tasks, bug tracking, agile scrum, timesheet, wiki

Ganib gives simpler ways to keep your projects organized and on track. Take advantage of effortless features that help you quickstart and makes your team mo

Open-source social network CMS and mobile apps.

. Dolphin Pro is a full-featured integrated Social CMS. Dolphin includes media server, movie converter, media sharing modules, social profiles, talk.

. libircclient is a puny but powerful library, which implements client-server IRC protocol. It has all features needed to create your own IRC client.

ASP.NET MVC Based Portal CMS System to Create an Instant Website

. setup and customize an instant website for either business or private use. List of Technologies used: – ASP.NET MVC five – Microsoft SQL Server.

Hybrid inbetween a Torrent Client and a Player

. has utter support for all torrents but also works with any movie type and movie url, including youtube/vimeo links. .

Secured HTML Javascript Talk (PHP) Server/Client

. The Advanced Secured HTML Javascript Talk Server is PHP serverside and is in basic state. It's very elementary to use and has no confinements. The Main.

Low-latency, high quality voice talk for gamers

. Mumble is an open source, low-latency, high quality voice talk software primarily intended for use while gaming. It includes game linking, so voice.

A petite, reliable, local network messenger that doesn't need internet

. This assures that no one is going to miss what you are sending them, which is a common problem with emails. No server is needed in order to run NetChat.

Yet Another 2nd Life Viewer

. life by using a camera placement adopted by the vast majority of third person movie games. Also includes RLV along with slew of other useful implements. It.

Client Server digital signage

. node-screen is a multi platform digital signage system, designed for retail outlets. The project consists of a server and a client The client is.

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