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Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 09/03/2017 – Nineteen:38:54 Just to let the Chatham High School Class of one thousand nine hundred fifty seven know, I have reserved a room at the four hundred East Restaurant in East Harwich for the night of Saturday October 24th, the next weekend after Columbus Day. This would be for the remaining of us to get together, talk, and order from the menu. Some class members do not have email addresses, so I will be sending actual snail mail reminders. Hope those of you who are on this site will bring this to their attention.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 09/03/2017 – Nineteen:37:34 Mr Ryder:

While you seemed to have felt that the folks in Corning appreciated $$ rather than clothes, for you to reminisce your deed across these years you lead me to believe you had the quality of real generosity of the soul. You did something nice for some folks who received the clothes and I’ll bet someone indeed appreciated those clothes you brought to them during that flood period. It may have not been voiced at the moment, perhaps because the Corning People were so shocked with their fate, like those in Texas who will come to know this feeling if they haven’t felt it already.

USA – Sat 09/02/2017 – 20:27:23 Stand by for Hurricane IRMA.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 09/01/2017 – Eighteen:00:23 While in Ithaca, NY in 1972, I drove my Jeep pickup to flooded Corning, NY with a fountain of donated clothing. I think the victims would have appreciated $$ rather than clothes.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 09/01/2017 – 17:58:45 Hooray Hooray it is the very first of September

Outdoor activities go asunder!

Carl Olson (Chowderman)

USA – Fri 09/01/2017 – 16:Ten:Eighteen JimP : Regarding stuff as donations: A HS classmate was the Emergency Management Director for one of the FL counties on east coast. he agrees and gave me link to this story that I have been posting on FB lately in response to those who want to donate bunches of old clothes. See:

J. Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham , MA USA – Fri 09/01/2017 – 13:59:40 Carl, He (and I) love your posts. I just heard. all went well in Boston. Missing Old Harbor Rd. Life goes on.

Brewster, MA USA – Fri 09/01/2017 – 13:36:22 Had a terrific supper with eight of us locals and I sat next to a sometime contributor to this site. He was very gracious and asked me if when I came home if I would make an entry. I said that I would but could not think of much. I know we are all in a local age zone on the room and how much we liked John, Ben H., Jim P, and Jared among others and the fresh faces that contribute so much. Best of luck to you on your early medical excursion to Boston tomorrow and this entry is for you.

Carl Olson (Chowderman)

USA – Thu 08/31/2017 – 22:37:59 an update here in Texas: We in San Antonio got off fortunate – just a lot of rain and some wind. We needed the rain very badly. However, Houston, Beaumont, etc got pummeled. They simply don’t have the drainage to shed or absorb the water as ya’ll do up north, everything is limestone and shale here.

USA – Thu 08/31/2017 – 20:08:40 Richard Ryder: Just voted a few times for your entry but each vote only helped by 0.02% and you were at 32% with Bonito at 48% so would take fifty votes per 1% and 800+ votes to catch up.

J. Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham , MA USA – Thu 08/31/2017 – 04:31:Nineteen In addition to prayers, for those wishing to contribute to ease efforts in Texas- Team Rubicon is presently on the ground conducting rescues and Samantha’s Purse and the Salvation Army are providing much needed supplies- drinking water, food, medical aid, clothing, baby formula. The list is endless what is needed.

USA – Wed 08/30/2017 – 22:20:48 Evidently, numerous votes for the dredge name are permitted. Just what does Bonito have to do with Cape Cod? More likely a name favored by the Vineyarders. As far as I know, Bonito don’t get too close to the Cape. Vote early and often, before noon tomorrow.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 08/30/2017 – Nineteen:40:Ten Just voted for "Sand Piper". After all, it thrusts sand through a pipe!

West Hartford, CT USA – Wed 08/30/2017 – Legitimate:28:55 As a new-comer to this site, navigating here is more difficult than navigating the fresh cut in South Beach in the dead of night in a gale. I hope I am in the right channel.

I’m reaching out to Nancy Petrus to ask her to help me determine if my large(Two.Five’ X Five’) whirligig of Chatham’s Grist Mill (Bosley?) is by Arthur Edwards (Shavings). Nancy, I may never be able to find your response on the CHAT-M-Room,so please use email listed above.

west chatham, MA USA – Wed 08/30/2017 – 12:26:20 The Arliegh Burke class of destroyer comprises sixty six ships of two hundred seventy seven deployable ships in the US Navy. That gives it a very good probabilistic chance of being involved in incidents. I’m not telling that there isn’t a reason they were involved in both incidents, but it might just be coincidence.

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Wed 08/30/2017 – 07:37:00 Some miss the point about the two ships. It’s not just the coincidence of the two ships, it’s the ships themselves. Two identical ships with the same specific missions. This is not just two random Navy ships.

South Chatham, MA USA – Tue 08/29/2017 – Legal:54:11 Richard. Just checked and you and SAND PIPER are in 2nd place at 34.45 % at 8/29/17 one thousand one hundred six hours.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 08/29/2017 – 11:06:29 Ben H:

How could anyone disagree with Capt Eyer’s quote that you posted. However, if thee is "another accident" like the the Fitz and the McCain with Navy ships over the next month or two, there might be more to it than adequate training or electronic Gizmos to it

USA – Tue 08/29/2017 – 09:56:46 Greetings:

The Barnstable County "Name The Dredge" contest completes on the 31st. Please vote for your dearest (hopefully my nominee SAND PIPER ) by visiting barnstable . The winner is supposed to have something to do with Cape Cod. Some nominees don’t.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 08/29/2017 – 09:05:Legal Ben, superb post! Capt. Eyer hit it ideally.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 08/28/2017 – 05:52:33 And then there was the time when the bosun’s mate with his ring total of keys walked across the bridge when it was on magnetic steering.

USA – Sat 08/26/2017 – 01:06:24 Alan, this is for you, Richard, and others from our seafaring town who wonder how those latest collisions at sea could have happened

Comments from Captain Kevin Eyer USN (ret) who commanded USS Chancellorsville, USS Shiloh, and USS Thomas Gates

"I’ve been back on the bridge in my head for several days, now, and while I am certain that the fault here lies in those who let those crews go to sea, less trained than they should be, I’m also fairly sure that the functional failure was this: Youthful officers are hypnotized by technology, nowadays. They cannot grip that it might not be ideal all the time. They just look to it for answers. So, yes, the radar detects the ship which is going to hit you, but it’s also detecting hundreds of other ships in the busy waters of the SE Asia. Does the system say, "Hey, look out!"? Yes it does, but because there are sooooo many ships around it’s permanently chirping. What is the right thing to do in these circumstances? Look UP! Look OUT! Use your senses, in real time (it takes the computer a little time to detect things like course switches, while you can detect that ship turning towards you in real time, with you eyes). I promise, I can train a youthfull officer – heck anyone from my era can – to learn how to pick out the dangers, and overlook the ships which mean nothing to you – just based on their "target angle" and bearing drift. Sometimes, it’s so busy that you have to just drive. We don’t train them for that anymore. We permit them to rely totally upon technology."

USA – Fri 08/25/2017 – 20:17:06 Glad you liked it Alan.. However, I choose not to thrust John too far when it comes to unrelated items being posted.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 08/25/2017 – Ten:44:22 Gordon

The site you suggested was excellent, do you have any more like that one!?

USA – Tue 08/22/2017 – 23:04:14 Do not understand, overnight another incident happening now with another missile Destroyer, the USS John S McCain Ten are reporting missing and the ship looks like it has a nice slice in it. When this kind of thing happens, it impacts every USA Citizen, very first and foremost the squad missing, they could come from your community, More importantly, these crews are out there 24-7 protecting all of America.

USA – Mon 08/21/2017 – 09:37:12 Alan, good guess, but incorrect. Close in one sense. Your civilian clothes make you a rainbow. Other squads will chant that song as they pass you by. It takes a day or so to get your AF uniforms. In my case three days as I arrived on a Friday night and was a rainbow all weekend until Monday.

South Chatham, MA USA – Sun 08/20/2017 – Nineteen:59:06 Ben H. I have passed your qualification mark! Whew! Anna

Naples, FL USA – Sat 08/Nineteen/2017 – 20:36:13 Gordon Pratt regarding your request I can’t speak for John H but I thought it was an unwritten rule in the CHAT-M-Room that once you passed your 80th bday, you could do or post any damn thing you desired in here!

USA – Sat 08/Nineteen/2017 – Nineteen:53:36 Sean everyone invited

southbury, CT USA – Sat 08/Nineteen/2017 – Legal:45:23 Every time I see you come forward to speak at the BOS meetings I think of your talk room.

I check it out all the time. Spent many years in Chatham.Keep up to date by watching many committees on channel Legitimate

southbury, CT USA – Sat 08/Nineteen/2017 – Legitimate:43:45 I wonder where the harbormaster will be patrolling today.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 08/Nineteen/2017 – 11:Ten:45 Sean, Be advised if they get paid they must have a Coast Guard license.

West Chatham, MA USA – Fri 08/Eighteen/2017 – 15:34:44 I am in need of someone to assist shuttling people from the fish pier to the outer beach this coming Sunday. The pay is good and it includes slew of joy and food. If interested please send me an email. Thanks.

Chatham , MA USA – Fri 08/Legal/2017 – 15:12:Ten The web page I have posted here is the inwards tour of the space station as it circles the earth right now. I am posting it now to coincide with the upcoming eclipse on Monday.. Believe me folks when I say this web page is one of the best you will ever see. A individual message to Mr. Halgren.. I would appreciate it if you would permit this.. Thanks John.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 08/Eighteen/2017 – 14:27:44 Hi everyone! Just a reminder to all that the Sharks in The Park auction completes today at noon! We all most likely know at least one of the artists so keep an eye on your dearest!

chatham, MA USA – Fri 08/Eighteen/2017 – 09:00:42 Mr. Ryder

I am none of what you suggest, just in ordinary boy. Because of your background, I was thinking you and others might be interested on other findings about 6-19′ What do you think? The real question, did you go after up with what I suggested, for others, sorry for the riddles.

USA – Thu 08/17/2017 – 22:55:24 Alan, were you some kind of what we called a "spook" in Vietnam? You operate on either a much higher, or perhaps much lower, level than the rest of us.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 08/17/2017 – 21:56:37 KW=key words

USA – Thu 08/17/2017 – Nineteen:51:12 This post for all you Chatham Military folks

Need to be a bit vague KW

Go back to Ben H post of 6-19

Then google an update about that happening.

Might be supposition or might be one example of creative angles being used

USA – Thu 08/17/2017 – Nineteen:50:35 Bill P:

Rainbow: could that be because you were given a Yellow T-shirt and Blue Cut-offs on your very first days. Road Guards out.

USA – Wed 08/16/2017 – 22:46:42 Alan, rookie is very common parlance in the military and not insulting at all. Your very first post after basic and training you are and will be called a beginner, by your fellow troops.

Rainbow, don’t be blue,

My recruiter fooled me, too."

(Sound off, one, two — one, two, three, four . )

South Chatham, MA USA – Wed 08/16/2017 – 20:44:Eighteen Allen: Thanks to Yogi for that comment. And if there is a fork in the road, take it. Now, I heard this at Old Harbor on Monday:" Did you know that the Norwegian Navy and the Danes, and the Swedes are applying very large barcodes to their vessels? So they can Scanthenavies!" Best I got for today.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 08/16/2017 – Nineteen:23:47 It is so crowded no one goes there anymore! See you all in September. I will bring my manners and courteous driving habits.

West Hartford, CT USA – Wed 08/16/2017 – 14:43:35 Judy, Emily, Richard – The tourist brochures promise them an idyllic Cape Cod vacation with lovely shops, fine restaurants & theaters, and well-manicured beaches. And what do our visitors get? A town utter of people just like themselves! It’s enough to ruin anybody’s vacation!

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 08/16/2017 – Ten:59:27 From a local fish market, open year round, they describe August visitors as the "angry August" people. I have heard this before. Maybe they feel their time is so valuable, that they have to make the best of it while they are here. Texting while driving, edging out in to the traffic lane so some benevolent driver will let them in, as if they are still in Manhattan, or NJ, CT, or Boston.

Please don’t give up the right of way, unless traffic is stopped. This goes for clueless Spandex bicyclists as well, who seem to think that Route twenty eight inbetween Orleans and Chatham is okay for them to hold up traffic while they do their thing. Yes, they have the same rights, but they share responsibilities of the roadway. Like get off the road, take a break, if you are impeding traffic.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 08/13/2017 – Nineteen:44:52 Emily – I’m with you! I have never encountered such rude people in my life. I stop to let them out at intersections- no thank you, I ask them if I can " squeeze by their carriage" when they leave it in the middle of the aisle at Stop & Shop and get glared at – no response – and the topper – my friend and I were in my driveway the other day and a man went walking by. We both looked at him and said "hello" and he just stared at us like we swore at him and turned away. My friend said – " I hope you have a better day"! What’s with the pusses and the attitudes? Go home and take the attitudes with you!

WChatham, MA USA – Sun 08/13/2017 – Legal:34:51 Emily, you should have looked at them, smiled and said: "How Christian of you".

USA – Sun 08/13/2017 – Legitimate:27:53 I am tired of this summer and it’s type of visitor. I attempt to be helpful, tolerant and welcoming. This evening, while helping my almost blind hubby down the stairs at the Congregational Church, a youthful family barged in front of us, with one youthfull lad yelling. "see. that’s what you will be like when you get old"! It was rude, hurtful and they all laughed. Oh, dear. Maybe I will eventually get that vanity license plate that says. "go home".

Chatham , MA USA – Sun 08/13/2017 – 17:29:48 Mr Ryder:

Was not drafted, never aspired to be a twenty year career person and have a DD214.

USA – Sat 08/12/2017 – 21:42:05 Alan, I spent twenty years, day for day, in the US Navy. No Reserve time. I was an E-1 new-comer myself, so I meant NO insult to anyone in the service of this country.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 08/12/2017 – Nineteen:49:47 Most everyone knows Lighthouse Beach and Hardings Beach are at least a mile apart. Andrew Hardings Lane is very likely what the Cape Cod Chronicle meant to say.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 08/11/2017 – 09:50:52 Another one of those friendly Ryder comments. "Connecting of the Dots," I guess this is suppose to mean that you look for the complacent conforming majority. I would hope that I would be categorized more towards the creative maladjusted minority who likes joy and wishes for positive switches.

USA – Thu 08/Ten/2017 – 23:48:49 Once again, Alan has not seen fit to connect his dots when he "contributes".

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 08/Ten/2017 – 21:Legal:55 Understand that a superb white was spotted in the areas of Lighthouse and Harding Beaches at around Trio:15 pm today, evidently feasting on a seal. Under these conditions, wondering what the possibility of a drone photo could be or if this one has been tagged and where its going?

USA – Thu 08/Ten/2017 – 20:Legitimate:46 Anna that is a excellent story – just the opposite of heavyweight champ George Foreman who named each of his five sons George (so he wouldn’t leave behind their names in later years when the effects of all those blows to the head kicked in – actually to be fair he said it was so they would all receive the praise or negatives as one)

USA – Wed 08/09/2017 – 22:39:06 Anna, that is so funny, did she by any chance have ‘Good Trouble’?

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 08/09/2017 – 16:29:52 This is a true story told to me by the mother herself.

She and her hubby had six children. They determined on names

for each child beginning with the letter "G". So their names

are George, Grant, Glenn, Gary, Grace, and Gloria. The

mother said if she had another child that child would be

named "Good Trouble". I know this isn’t relative to the Chatham

Talk Room but I thought it would make you smile today. Anna

Naples, FL USA – Wed 08/09/2017 – 15:13:13 Capt. Bob Ryder: I desired to tell you that I liked your book very much! I read it like it was the Hardy Boys! Fine stories and glad to have my own copy. Thank you Bob putting all these stories into print.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 08/07/2017 – Legal:11:53 Matty, a genuine HAil Mary for you and for your grieving parents

USA – Sun 08/06/2017 – 23:14:Ten Matty Amsler (who was one of my youthful Boy Scouts in Troop seventy one when I returned as an assistant scoutmaster) was in the lazarette of 44301, not the turtle or aft survivors cabin. For a boat on static display and not generally open to the public, it’s not surprising that Matty wasn’t located sooner. Unfortunate on all sides

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 08/06/2017 – 12:34:02 It’s sad to hear that folks may be questioning the search and "arm-chair quarterbacking" these folks. "Back in the day", one of our guys railed a rubber boat in on an injection into the Chagras Sea in Panama. You were supposed to thrust the boat off the helicopter tailgate and then go after it in at a height of around twenty feet, but it was at night and he chose to rail the boat in. Of course, the boat flipped and landed on his neck as they hit the water and his neck broke and killed him. The next day we embarked recovery operations and a team of us dove for him for three straight days until at one point, we were taking a break and someone happened to look off the stern of the RB fifteen we had tied to the sea bank as a reference point and – sure enough – he was laying on the bottom of the sea, the water clarity had enlargened to the point where you could see his outline.

USA – Sun 08/06/2017 – 09:08:43 Last week, I had the pleasure of taking four fresh CG Station Chatham members for a brief excursion on the CG36500 out of Rock Harbor. Some new-comers, some twelve year veterans . These same guys and women were in the duty section that were engaged in Boarding Practice on the CG44301 when they discovered the Amsler person. How raunchy it must have been to make that discovery. His bod was found in a petite section of the boat, well aft, where no person would be expected to be, or could have survived for any length of time.

I suggest It is time for the Chatham community to send a message to the team that they are supported.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 08/05/2017 – 16:58:35 How does the Chatham community make a public stand in front of the CG Station, avowing their continuing support for the present squad?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 08/05/2017 – 16:25:23 Never was connected or knew Matt Amsler and his story is very sad. Somehow it has been suggested that he may have taken his own life and if true this is a very sad story as well.

USA – Sat 08/05/2017 – 12:32:55 "Ol man sea – he jus keeps rollin along".

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 08/04/2017 – 17:25:07 As Old Man Sea said, "Tired of living and funked of dying." Sometimes they roll.

Carl Olson (Chowderman)

USA – Fri 08/04/2017 – 14:40:02 What a interesting bike rail I had earlier this morning. Oyster Pond shrouded in fog with a bride getting her pictures taken. She had this gorgeous white dress and was standing on the black mud flats. Wonder if dress goes to cleaner now? Railing down Cedar Street three wild turkeys in road – couldn’t figure out if they were going to pursue me or just have a staring contest. Going onto Champlain there was a deer that just stood in the middle of the road. We locked eyes before he darted away . Over the bridge and at the corner arch in front of Lighthouse a car utter of teenagers laughing with cameras – fog everywhere . No pictures for you! Then I noticed the Memorial on the CG fence for Matty Amsler. Beautiful sun flowers and hydrangeas tacked to fence with a candle searing. So sad. Back through Main Street where a few blankets are already out for tonight’s Band Concert – it’s pretty raw – good luck with that! Up through town and the sidewalks being vacuumed. Final gam home – all I could think of was the bride at the beginning of her life and the way Matty’s ended. In response to your question Richard – who knows? Mental illnesses, alcohol, drugs, etc – who knows what goes thru these tormented souls’ minds.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 08/04/2017 – 11:21:57 Okay, it does seem that everyone involved did what was required of them, and maybe some went beyond. Who knew that someone would be so determined to seal himself away in a displayed CG boat?

Grandfather Richard E. Ryder, USCG, chose to check out of this life by suicide in 1933. I can empathize with the parents of this troubled youthfull man. But, can anyone explain what brings folks to end their lives prematurely and voluntarily?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 08/03/2017 – 22:04:36 What’s fresh? Nothing, it is just the same things happening to different people.

Carl Olson (Chowderman)

USA – Tue 08/01/2017 – 21:24:47 Doesn’t anyone wonder why the Chatham PD, the MA State Police, and the DA didn’t check the CG44301, two hundred feet from the Lighthouse parking lot where the poor soul was last seen? Did they even check nearby houses? I know, doctors have a special instrument they use called a retrospectoscope. Looking back, things sometimes become clear.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 08/01/2017 – Nineteen:28:14 That was nine years ago – OLD news.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Mon 07/31/2017 – 12:27:21 The trees must have offended Mr. Wilner.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 07/31/2017 – 11:26:25 A solution suggested today by a duo I met at Rock Harbor who live near the 6th slot. Have the Town of Chatham replant some native crimson cedar trees, which will eventually occlude this entitled person’s view. I can’t imagine that there is a lot of support for this homeowner, who wants the golf course boundary lines to be moved.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 07/30/2017 – 17:34:Ten From what I’ve been led to believe this will proceed until the Zoning Board gets their act together and switches this. The amount he should have to pay should be equal to the value of at least one of the houses he’s profiting from. This will proceed until the rules and regulations switch. Sad state of affairs watching what was a quaint little town vanish through these blatant flauntings of greed.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 07/27/2017 – 06:15:29 The big money developer’s solution to every problem is to throw money at it

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 07/26/2017 – Nineteen:57:22 Astonished more people didn’t showcase up to the Planning Board meeting tonight to hear about the proposed Hunter’s Rise sub-division plans. Potential of thirteen one million dollar homes to be built, a conservation nightmare with trees and a lot of vegetation eliminated as well as a potential drain-off issue down the hill to Ocean Port Lane homes . I left when Mr Riley was attempting to defend his clients suggest of $204K to the Town instead of building an affordable home there.

West Chatham, MA USA – Tue 07/25/2017 – 20:49:13 Ben:

Candlepins with three puny testicles to knock them down with, right? I didn’t know of any other way to cup until I left the Cape.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 07/25/2017 – 17:49:53 and next to the 7th green was my uncle jim’s bowling alley built in a sunken fortress of an old CBI garage – used to get all the golf nut sack I could ever use from that roof and parking lot

USA – Mon 07/24/2017 – 23:43:50 Albeit we are officially now called "Senior Citizens" a term we truly are not ready for, My hubby and I agree that we may just have to name our next boat, "Pills and Bills" John, we did like your posting.

chatham, MA USA – Mon 07/24/2017 – 07:07:27 IMHO, the Old Money folks who came in the 40’s and 50’s were much more sensitive to their surroundings than the "fresh money" people like this boy who has evidently bruised Town of Chatham property for his own build up. Brief term build up for sure.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 07/23/2017 – Nineteen:26:59 Judith, go to Google Maps, put in thirty Fairway Dr. Chatham, MA. Then go to Satellite and zoom in and it all becomes clear. Also if anyone is interested go to the Town of Chatham web site/ Assessors database get his name and Google the fellow.Be sure to put in the town he lives in. He is an interesting dude, eighteen months of house arrest and other stuff. I won’t give out his name but it is all public information.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sun 07/23/2017 – Nineteen:25:Nineteen But of course. Thank you. I didn’t think very first message went thru. Again, IMO house should never have been approved. Isn’t there wetland below the house too? I’ll bet they fertilize the property and all that fertilizer will go underground and right into the ground water and the wetland. WIWWP?.

Harwich, MA USA – Sun 07/23/2017 – 17:37:31 The trees are directly inbetween his house and his view of the Atlantic Ocean. Duh!

Chatham , MA USA – Sun 07/23/2017 – 17:11:17 Does anyone know where the 8th hold, and girded trees are relative to the house on the slope of the golf course? I just read about the trees in the Chronicle weekend update.

Harwich, MA USA – Sun 07/23/2017 – 16:31:24 Having just read the Chronicle’s weekend update, does anyone know where the eighth slot is relative to the house is overlooking the golf course? I recall watching the last house being built and thinking it would slide down the hill onto the golf course. Now girded trees? House should never been approved IMO. I’m not a golfer. Is the 8th crevice below that monstrous house on the hill?

Harwich, MA USA – Sun 07/23/2017 – 15:15:22 By the way, the most heartening sounds I have heard is the Bobwhites call in Race Point last Thursday night, and a similar call or sighting reported at Fort Hill in Eastham. These birds are totally threatened due to loss of open space habitat. I hope their extinction doesn’t happen during my lifetime. Very cool, birds!

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 07/22/2017 – Legal:13:44 The local Eastham rabbits have figured out that if they forage in the daylight, the coyotes and foxes won’t bother them. Chipmunks? Who can catch them? And when do they sleep, if ever? Hyper critters for sure. Standing by, watching the ever switching turn of natural events. Skunks are up next. Then Fine horned owls. Fortunate to live long enough to see the switch in predators vs their supper.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 07/22/2017 – Legitimate:04:29 Also bountiful clover and chipmunks.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 07/22/2017 – 17:03:48 I don’t recall observing any better hydrangeas than this year. Stunning color and bountiful.

USA – Sat 07/22/2017 – 12:38:31 Classic case of bullying! More to come, for sure!

Chatham , MA USA – Wed 07/Nineteen/2017 – Legitimate:59:25 So. he doesn’t like golf testicles on his property? Maybe should not have built a monster house that takes so much of his land that it bothers him. Maybe town should erect one of those fifty foot high netting fences like they have around driving ranges? Fair trade: no golf nut sack -for- obstructed view!

J. Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham , MA USA – Wed 07/Nineteen/2017 – Ten:00:11 Rereading Emily’s very first post about the historic golf course and the property holder proceeds to confound me. What part of "there’s a golf course right next to you" was not clear? The sheer audacity to ask the committee to "Stir the 8TH Slot". At what point will Chatham stand up to hellions and say enough? Can’t believe I’m telling this but if it takes fighting back lawyer-to-lawyer, spin-to-spin, loophole-to-loophole, figure out a way to do it now. or lose everything that is Chatham. ***breathe*** Thanks for listening.

USA – Wed 07/Nineteen/2017 – 08:50:50 Got golf ballsack on your adjacent property? Either put up a fence or sell the errant ball sack back to the losers who cant shoot straight.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 07/Legitimate/2017 – Legal:00:Nineteen The Golf Advisory Committee will meet this Thursday at three pm at the Town Offices, main floor puny meeting room. Cory Metters and Dan Tobin need to bring this issue to the BOS. It may already be too late, but fines should be levied. Let’s showcase them how strongly we feel about this manhandle from a fresh home proprietor!

Chatham , MA USA – Tue 07/Eighteen/2017 – 15:58:23 Well put, Emily!

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 07/Legitimate/2017 – 13:46:34 Next to a golf course. expect golf ball-sac.

Next to an airport. expect airplanes and their related business.

On the shore. expect water.

On built-up land. expect lodging.

Yes, buyer beware and as mere mortals, expect to make mistakes from time to time. IMHO

USA – Tue 07/Legal/2017 – 08:50:25 Captain Dave Ryder often said the Town of Chatham was going to the dogs. Referring to how many people had dogs that didn’t serve any useful purpose, like hunting rabbits, retrieving shot fowl, etc.

I wonder how he would think of the mega mansions that have substituted reasonable homes along the shores of Chatham.

He had the best life: driving to the Fish Pier in the early morning, no cars on the road, getting underway before sunrise, fishing all day, and returning to his modest home off Old Harbor Road in the late afternoon. Get his slip of paper totaling his catch, drive up Bar Cliff Avenue past the house where he was born, two left turns, that was it. No wonder he lived so long.

Oh, by the way, until his mother Reb was in her mid nineties, he’d drop of a filetted fish for her every week. Next door to where he was born.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 07/17/2017 – Nineteen:56:08 When those properties came before the planning board several years ago there were concerns about the mounding of soil so to raise one property nearest Seaview St. It created an ocean view. Then there were concerns voiced by some about the erosion taking place at the end of Fairview into wetland near the golf coarse. It could lightly be seen on Bay Rd. Now there’s a house on that "greasy slope". I wonder if this is wielded by the person who is complaining. The planning board records could be helpful regarding who possesses what.

Harwich, MA USA – Mon 07/17/2017 – 17:05:55 Here is a switch of thread: four oak trees on Seaside Links Town wielded golf course have been intentionally bruised enough to kill them. It is visible that their removal would improve the Ocean view of the enormous fresh house at the end of Fairway Drive. This abutter has also asked the Golf Advisory Committee to Stir THE 8th Slot because he doesn’t like getting golf ball sack on his fenced property! The Town must determine exactly what is golf course property by survey, or face future encroachments by abutters. The golf course has been there since 1895. buyer beware!

Chatham , MA USA – Mon 07/17/2017 – 16:01:27 Cocktail parties are not a good place for factual information. Ms. Love is not leaving the BOS.

Harwich, MA USA – Mon 07/17/2017 – 11:03:50 Cocktail party rumor this afternoon: Amanda Love is going to forego her seat as a Selectman to open the way for a special election which Seth Taylor expects to win. Idle gossip?

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 07/16/2017 – 17:13:36 Has anyone bought and/or read the fresh book: "Historic Restaurants of Cape Cod"

Two restaurants were selected by the author, the Christopher Ryder House and

our former Northport Restaurant??

Naples, FL USA – Sun 07/16/2017 – 15:20:11 Is there still a Miss Rogers who is in this talk room? She used to participate in the old talk room. Family of the Stage Harbor Rd Rogers Family.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 07/15/2017 – 16:22:15 Alan, IIRC, only six on board were MARSOC plus their corpsman. The rest were team and straphangers.

USA – Fri 07/14/2017 – Legitimate:01:33 Jim P:

I understand what you say and I too have a difficult time with indifference.

Please know and perhaps explain to friends that the squad on board the "HERC," call sign "Yankee 72" were also elite, the best that the Marines have to suggest. Everyday, they faced incredible tasks with extreme danger and are assigned most requesting of all missions.

Godbless the squad and their families.

USA – Thu 07/13/2017 – 20:03:34 Alan, Chatham has some Patriots to be sure – even a lot of the townspeople have served. Some of the "Wellesley swells" who summer there have been a bit "indifferent towards service folks". I’ve never had a problem with the locals. wish I could say otherwise with many of the visitors who seem to think us service folk are vermin merely fit to serve and be kept out of polite company.

USA – Thu 07/13/2017 – Eighteen:58:13 The last two posts go directly to the point: When you See something-Say something. One need only to look at Judith’s letter to the editor directing its attention to folks who block emergency vehicles.

USA – Wed 07/12/2017 – 20:06:03 This kind of behavior is death defying, and perhaps natural selection at work. Especially if these folks deem it imperative to rail on Route twenty eight inbetween Chatham and Orleans.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 07/11/2017 – Nineteen:44:44 We eyed something today which was fairly scary. A youthful woman railing a bicycle on a main road and texting at the same time. An accident waiting to happen. So sad.

chatham, MA USA – Mon 07/Ten/2017 – 21:15:30 Amazing, if anyone gets the MLB network, guess who’s on-Chatham A’s-now. The movie, when they’re on the Diamond-has Kurt Goudy doing the announcing.

USA – Mon 07/Ten/2017 – 21:13:54 Monomoy Yacht Club had an historic event today! Seven boats from Oyster Pond and Stage Harbor met at buoy ten and mustered up, through the April’s Idiot Cut to join up with the Pleasant Bay group and proceed to Meetinghouse Pond for a raft-up and lunch. FOURTEEN boats !! WOW ! Jim Doggart, my Captain was outstanding, and we all survived and had a fine time.

Chatham , MA USA – Mon 07/Ten/2017 – Eighteen:42:16 Gordon:

Took your advise and using your info, the $20,000 is provided after the tour of duty is finished, of course provided that you meet the CS career requirements thru your duty. The site I looked at, did not call out the fact that after you accomplish CS training, you received the funds. If there was some update to this, over the past week, I must have missed it.

USA – Mon 07/Ten/2017 – 17:17:00 Richard.. My info. Go to Coast Guard Culinary Specialist (CS)

USA – Mon 07/Ten/2017 – 09:12:28 Alan, my info came from two sources: the very first was the Dad of a youthful man coming in the CG in September. He is ensured the Cook school and will get his $$ when he successfully finishes the school. The 2nd was an active duty Boatswains Mate Third Class who verified what I relayed earlier. And yes, the bonus can go as high as $40,000.

Unless things have switched, if you get out after four years, you aren’t eligible for VA benefits unless you have a service connected injury or condition.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 07/Ten/2017 – 09:01:57 Gentlemen:

With all these bonus funds floating around, you make it sound like the US Coast Guard has abruptly become Santa Claus. While the suggest(s) could be interesting, one needs to fully understand what they are getting into and be guided by all the details, including the fine print. A few for instances, the way I read "the contract" you do not receive a dime, until you accomplish your total tour of duty-4 years. Of course along with this, you must successfully finish basic training and your tech school. If you are selected for the program and you drop out of tech school or select other career training, the deal is off.

USA – Sun 07/09/2017 – 22:47:22 I’m attempting to hire a duo studs with strong arms for a day of labor in a duo weeks. Pay will be good. Unluckily, it is only one day. 508-945-1980.

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 07/09/2017 – 22:12:11 Maybe Bruce should apply, Richard.

Naples, FL USA – Sun 07/09/2017 – 21:22:17 Richard, I had to check with the USCG latest news and if you have an associate degree you will receive not $20,000 bonus to sign on but you will receive a $40,000 bonus.. Way to go Coast Guard.. Excellent stuff..

USA – Sun 07/09/2017 – Nineteen:28:22 This is for you grandparents who might have grandkids looking for a career:

The US Coast guard is actively recruiting dudes and women to become Cooks and Chefs.

They are paying enlistment bonuses commencing at $20,000. Can you believe it?

Suggest if you have any grandkids who just might meet the requirements, then they should consider the USCG as a career.

LCDR USN retired

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 07/09/2017 – 17:55:46 Thank you for the intell on the salt!

I have been fortunate to spend weeks at The Point House next to Scatteree landing, and the flavor in the salt from there brings me right back. Especially during the brief days of winter.

To all on this board: thank you for sharing your town!

Chatham Mass is a special place!

VisitingChatham, MA USA – Fri 07/07/2017 – 20:58:39 If three more cars drive to Chatham today we are going to bury.

USA – Fri 07/07/2017 – 17:43:34 Nathan, the salt stand has moved to the other corner of Hallet Ln. In front of the white house. It was there and stocked this morning.

West Chatham, MA USA – Fri 07/07/2017 – 15:04:45 To switch the subject, here is another sign message to give everyone a chuckle.

"Waffles are just pancakes with six pack."

Naples, FL USA – Fri 07/07/2017 – Ten:26:43 Capeabilities, corner of Main St. & Hallett Lane sells it. lovely to see the mighty Catalpa trees in utter bloom, all seventy five of them!

Chatham , MA USA – Fri 07/07/2017 – 09:28:15 Hello !

Would anyone be able to tell me if Monomoit Wild Sea salt is still available from the streetside stand in the Old Village?

I thought I remembered it at Water St & Hallet Ln., but it looks different there now.

VisitingChatham, MA USA – Fri 07/07/2017 – 07:13:05 Looking at photos of the Navy ship, it is not clear to me the ship was hit twenty two degrees abaft the starboard running light. Aren’t those lights normally high up, near the bridge? That is where the major above water harm occurred, so I can’t pick out the position of the light.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 07/06/2017 – Ten:13:23 Being July 4th, I wasn’t so much following the noisy noises as I was thinking about the USS Fitzgerald and the team that died. And surely some careers will take a unexpected end. But in defense of her team, indeed the container ship Crystal reportedly hit the Fitzgerald abath the ninety degree crimson and green lights, actually twenty two degrees behind the ninety degrees which made the Fitzgerald the Stand on vessel (making her obligated to maintain her speed and course). She can and should have taken evasive act herself. Hence, just because you are hit on the starboard side, does not make you the blame of the incident, in fact the overtaking container ship should have avoided the Fitz.

USA – Wed 07/05/2017 – 21:08:38 Noisy and clear on Uncle Albert’s

USA – Wed 07/05/2017 – 20:53:13 Stage Harbor Road slept through it – very likely because I took the hearing aids out the night before.

USA – Tue 07/04/2017 – 15:57:24 Excellent Hill heard it!

USA – Tue 07/04/2017 – 14:26:03 Woke us up in Coronado

USA – Tue 07/04/2017 – 13:51:07 Oyster Pond heard it!

Chatham , MA USA – Tue 07/04/2017 – 06:46:44 Blessed 4th.everybody!

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 07/04/2017 – 02:56:55 Emily, six a.m.

USA – Mon 07/03/2017 – 20:59:25 Barry, that kind of range is very awesome. The one hundred sixty lb. Lyle gun range was somewhat over five hundred yards but it shot an eighteen lb projectile and of course the linked shot line limited the travel. It was used officially for the last time in one thousand nine hundred sixty two at Herring Cove Beach in Provincetown. Bernie Webber was the man who got it done, saving studs from the Margaret Rose..

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 07/03/2017 – 17:30:15 What time tomorrow? I am up at Five. windows open, hope to hear it!

Chatham , MA USA – Mon 07/03/2017 – 17:12:59 Dick, my cannon shoots a one lb. lead slug, over one mile. I know this because from North Beach to where Bill Sharkey’s lobster pot line was, exactly a mile from the beach, and we spotted the splash beyond that. It took seven seconds to hit.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 07/03/2017 – 15:53:13 Ben H. I have been doing this here for fifty years. I use to do it with the things you were talking about such as paper wadding which catches fire sometimes. Mine has no wheels. It’s my own version of a Cohorn mortar. I made it out of a three inch Caterpillar bulldozer lift arm pin. It’s thirteen inches long with a one 1/Four in. bore. Unlike Dick Ryders Lyle gun, I blast mine with a 1/Three of a lb. black powder and four cardboard wads, and pointed straight up when firing, as it will travel ten ft. rearwards. It’s noisy, and now we’re right behind the police station.

USA – Mon 07/03/2017 – 15:48:43 You folks and your cannon firing stories bring back fond memories of my hubby’s old kicking off cannon which he faithfully fired on July 4th each year. The entire process of stuffing the wadding and black powder was cool to witness and then. KABOOM. Kids from far and broad would come running over to our yard for the remainder of the "demonstrate". Sadly, on our way to visit son David (stationed in Mobile, AL) for Christmas and to present him with the cannon, our car was violated into at a motel in Baltimore. The cannon, along with all our other gifts, were stolen. I have truly never gotten over it. Blessed 4th everyone!

Brewster, MA USA – Mon 07/03/2017 – 11:00:25 Yes, Barry is standing by to touch off his cannon on July 4th, 0600. Tradition! If you want to see a one hundred sixty lb bronze Lyle gun cannon shot off, then display up at the Old Harbor Station at Race Point, Provincetown, where we reenact the U.S.Life Saving-Service Breeches Buoy Drill every Thursday night in July and August at six PM.

Barry, one and 1/Two oz of black powder is our charge. The eighteen lb projectile goes one hundred fifty yards. Very popular showcase over the last thirty five + years.

Your display has very likely been running longer.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 07/02/2017 – 17:38:23 Hey Barry and Sylvia – this is for you

plan your firing position to permit the Cannon to recoil and roll rearwards. They roll pretty rapid and far on any kind of pavement, so plan ahead.

USA – Sat 07/01/2017 – Nineteen:41:16 Let freedom ring!

Brewster, MA USA – Sat 07/01/2017 – 11:02:47 Blessed 4th of July to all on the Chat-M-Room.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 07/01/2017 – 09:20:07 Is that why it took me 1&1/Two hours to get to the Bridge yesterday afternoon!

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 06/30/2017 – 05:33:Eighteen I think they should not use the "trustees" from the correctional institute to pick up trash on the mid cape and other highways with a vehicle flashing blue lights and forcing cars to one left mitt lane and ofter a state police cruiser to assist on the Thursday before the Fourth of July weekend. Traffic is bad enough without the SOB’s.

USA – Thu 06/29/2017 – 22:09:17 Gordon:

I think the Coast Guard kids (MK’s) are doing a similar thing at Station Chatham. Analyzing the grease oil daily for the forty two footers they have. Twin five hundred hp Cats that drive the water jets. Unluckily, the jet drives don’t like eel grass or sand. That is why the "fresh" twenty four foot shallow water boat (from the recently back to normal Lake Tahoe) is so needed for Pleasant Bay and surrounding shallow water.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 06/25/2017 – Nineteen:32:03 Emily and Gordon, I also was in Vietnam in one thousand nine hundred seventy and flew out of Ton Son Nhut airfield a number of times.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/24/2017 – 08:Ten:46 Richard Ryder. Correction if I may.. I was one of twelve ground team members assigned to AF1 for twelve and 1/Two years of my twenty year career as an FAA certified A & P Technician.. S.O.A.P. stands for ( Spectrometric Oil Analysis Program )

USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 21:53:31 A few days back I was wondering how the M/V Iyanough could have been so far off course and what happened? But now see that the USS Fitzgerald could be a far more reaching story and the "Hyannis Story" something proportionaly super minor, considering the NTSB dropped the subject.

USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 21:23:54 Ahh the Aussie navy pilots and officers clubs (as in any bar or officers club) were made for one another – "Wherefore art thou, Moriarty" was a dearest game for the uninitated – the Aussie Commanding Officer would lie face down on the floor with a spinned up newspaper in his right forearm while the USN Commanding Officer assumed the same position opposite also with a spinned up newspaper – Both would then be blindfolded and with both squadrons cheering and many side bets (the Aussies loved to bet) the Admiral who was referee said "Let the games begin" – the USN CO would then say "Wherefore Art Thou Moriarty" and the Aussie CO would response "Here, Master" – Based only upon where he thought the location of his voice (because he was blindfolded), the USN CO got to take a tremendous swat with the newspaper but of course missed (see following for reason) – then it was the Aussie CO’s’s turn – Well the Aussies had bribed the Admiral so their CO took off his blindfold which made the USN CO "effortless pickings" – He was whacked perversely several times with that spinned up newspaper before he eventually figured out he had been duped – two of those crazy aussies were in my wedding in Middlebury Vermont and managed to get in the belfry and ring the town bell at midnight which almost caused an international incident – we also trained the Canadian navy pilots who attempted hard but couldn’t measure up to those aussies

USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 20:50:36 left behind to add – doors locked open and we were only fastened in with a lanyard. Fine joy.

USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 20:25:37 OK – best Chopper story I have is this: during the haitian invasion, me, the Group XO and a medic had to fly up north from Port Au Prince to look into an issue. We explosion the chopper up – piloted by two junior warrants from one of the conventional units (10th Mountain): WO 1’s if I recall. We’re flying along the Arto-Bonite valley up by St Mark (some of the most beautiful landscape in the world) when one of the pilots spins a switch and all of a unexpected we get the Rolling Stones screaming in our headsets. The pilots had been listening to them while flying. They got all sheepish and embarked apologizing profusely when the XO told them to shut up and "Rock the Tunes". The pilots looked at each other, smirked and asked if we dreamed to "take a rail" (they weren’t used to flying special coerces guys). The XO says "Hell YAH". They cranked the tunes, flipped that bird on its side and dove down a waterfall and skimmed the earth for about the next forty five minutes – nap of the earth; popping up over trees; diving into valleys; doing things I never thought a Blackhawk could do. We finished our flight up north and treated business (during which I walked into the Dominican Republic but that’s another story). We came back pretty much the same way – crazy joy. The pilots made us promise that if we ever needed to fly anywhere that we’d specifically request them on the mission order; they had a lot of joy. Made us promise never to tell their unit what they’d done. Good guys. Very likely twenty two years old and having the time of their lives.

USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 20:21:29 My helo rail was up to the mock Viet Cong Village behind two Aussi pilots with kangaroos on the back of their helmets. It was open. both sides. and before I got myself strapped in. wheeeeee. we were on a major tilt over the Mecong Sea.. Almost lost my camera. recall. VIP stuff, during the war. How crazy was that?

Chatham , MA USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – Nineteen:33:47 Gordon: Can you tell us what the acronym S.O.A.P stands for? I know that later you were the Team Chief on Air Force One.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – Legal:14:42 Emily:

I had forgotten about the chandeliers. Gunship helo rails were eye opening.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 17:03:31 Petite world Emily, I was in Ton Son Nhut in August 1970. I was receiving a thirty day update on how to manage the S.O.A.P. lab at Phu Cat air base..

USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 16:35:40 In one thousand nine hundred seventy I had a cheeseburger and a glass of milk at the O Club at Ton Son Nhut. It was exceptional with linen tablecloths, chandeliers, etc. I also had a tour of Gen. Westmorland’s trailer. Huh? Well my hubby Dick was working for Pan Am in the R & R program and was called back to DOD in DC I went to Saigon to visit friends and was given a VIP tour. gunship help rail, too!

Chatham , MA USA – Fri 06/23/2017 – 11:09:34 Former AF here. I have to agree we had it pretty good. But I bet Jim and his mate’s never complained when an A-10 was over head.

South Chatham, MA USA – Thu 06/22/2017 – Nineteen:06:15 Ben, that’s the thing that’s rough for these kids to deal with the very first time: one moment everyone is there and glad, a split 2nd later a few are dead and/or maimed. No reason. no warning. it just "is". No goodbyes. just gone.

USA – Thu 06/22/2017 – Eighteen:27:02 Lost all of his belongings and seven shipmates

USA – Thu 06/22/2017 – 17:44:55 Amazing Grace – no deaths, no injuries on the Muliphen collision.

USA – Thu 06/22/2017 – 03:49:45 Found out via Facebook that a friend/former co-worker in FL has a nephew who was on the Fitzgerald and lost all his belongings due to flooding of berth. He’s safe in Japan according to her.

J Hallgren (as User)

S. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 06/22/2017 – 01:44:04 Jim P:

As a Mustang Navy fellow, I can assure you that as an E-5 & six on the USS Intrepid, I always felt I knew my place. No rift, that was the way it was. The officers respected us, we respected them. Can i tell you that as an HM3/USN, I was engaged to a Navy Nurse, LTJG? That is another story. We did dine together on occasion. Just not so anyone knew about it.

As a LTJG visiting the O Club at Ton Son Nhut air base near Saigon, I was shocked that it was run by the Air Force, where they had waitresses, a printed menu, and floor shows. I learned then that the Air Force very first builds the Officers Club, then the airfield. Okay, there are a lot of Officers in the USAF (pilots, you know)

But, wait. The troops at the MACV HQ in Saigon were lamenting the fact that they were only going to get ONE mail call that day.

Down in the Delta, we got mail maybe three times a week. The Army could only fly in certain weather conditions. Navy Seawolf Helos? Yes, they could fly in all conditions, as well as at night. They were supporting the nearby SEAL team.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 06/21/2017 – 21:12:30 Ben, I find it fascinating. The cultural difference amongst the services is amazing. One of my good friends I worked with was a Navy Captain and I used to razz him about the stuff they would relieve ship-drivers for: basically anything that goes wrong. keel touches sand? Ease. hanky-panky aboard ship? Ease. Collision? Ease.

USA – Wed 06/21/2017 – 20:11:44 Jim P must be getting tired of all this "squid" talk – just sayin

USA – Wed 06/21/2017 – 20:04:01 Talked with a retired Navy officer last night who had been the OOD on Navy ships in the very same are of this latest collision. He said the area has a lot of shipping, but he and his observe standing squad took excellent pride in ensuring that a safe distance from all vessels was maintained.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 06/21/2017 – 17:21:Nineteen At the inquest (review, investigation) Combat, which was radar, contacted the bridge with "1100 hundred yards to collision, one thousand yards to collision, nine hundred yards to collision. "The last the talker on the bridge communicated of the OOD was one thousand one hundred hundred yards. Perhaps if he had communicated all of them they could have backed down emergency utter and we would not have the Greek tanker sitting in our bow. The Greek ship was found technically at fault but the Navy had no excuse for a collision at sea The captain was eased of directive and transferred to Washington, DC to "float a desk."

Partly because I was a yeoman I met and served hundred many officers over my four years but there ws none I liked being with and respected more than Captain Thomas F. Saunders, Jr. USN You never leave behind.

USA – Wed 06/21/2017 – 12:11:Legitimate There couldn’t have been a lot of attention being paid by the USS Fitzgerald OOD, as the Navy ship was hit on the starboard side. This means that they were the "burdened vessel" in a crossing situation and should have turned or taken other evasive act to avoid a collision. Even a Third Class Boatswain’s Mate in the Navy or Coast Guard knows that stuff.

Several years ago, up near Race Point, I had to turn the CG36500 sharply to port to avoid a collision, even tho’ we had the Right of Way. A commercial 35′ charter boat from P’town was crossing from left to right in front of us, not paying attention, no one steering. If we had hit his lean fiberglass hull with our ten ton boat, he and his passengers would have been swimming.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 06/20/2017 – 09:55:05 Carl & Ben H,

I am not a mariner or even a recreational sailor and do not presume to know what kind of multi-tasking a ship’s captain must treat. I do, however, work in ocean-going logistics and cannot comprehend how, with all the technology available nowadays AND trained personnel at specific posts, two enormous vessels can collide in the middle of a non-stormy open sea. I will be very interested to hear if human error is indeed at fault.

USA – Tue 06/20/2017 – 09:06:00 Bridge, Harm Control – ruptured fire main framework 41, flooding number one hold. The Captain has the helm and responds "Aye, Aye Olson" Bridge, Harm Control, "Request permission to throw bruised ammunition overboard, number one hold." The Captain quickly checks the charts and responds, "Permission denied." You could clearly see the Greek oil tanker sitting in the bow of our ship. The 40mm looked like a lump of violated spaghetti, The Captain and Exec boats like fully smashed plywood.

USA – Tue 06/20/2017 – 01:59:04 Richard,Carl,and all other Chatham mariners.

I stood many witnesses on an aircraft carrier under training as an OOD (Officer of the Deck) who is the individual responsible for securely navigating the ship when the Captain is off the bridge. An aircraft carrier can be equated to a loaded cargo ship in manueverability – practically none and with lots of weigh on (unlikely to stop). I also stood OOD sees on a destroyer – very manueverable. The plane guard destroyers during flight ops practically zip in and around aircraft carriers. The OOD and bridge witness team are trained to observe all other shipping visually or on radar and notify the Captain if the CPA (closest point of treatment)of another vessel emerges to be within a certain distance or if the vessel emerges to be closing. With all that in mind, how could the Fitzgerald not have avoided the container ship?

As Carl points out, incredible heroics occur after a disaster at sea and as he stated those involved are just reacting by instinct to all the training they received. I am certain that team saved the ship from drowning just as I am certain an incompetent Officer of the Deck permitted the collision to happen.What do you guys think?

USA – Mon 06/Nineteen/2017 – 21:41:42 USS Muliphen AKA sixty one Attack Cargo Ship – clear the foc’sle, clear the foc’sle, colsion quarters, c

ision quarters and then it was repeated. We were in Roosevelt Rhodes after a pick and span dry docks in Boston. I had heard Man Overboard, Man Overboard this is a drill, this is a drill. Fire number three hatch, Fire number three hatch this is a drill this is a drill. And then the training kicked in – the loudspeaker did not say this is a drill. It was pay day and I was selling money orders in the post office. I slammed the door shut with singles, fives, ten, and twenties floating like feathers, locked the door and hutled as quick as I could to my duty station as the Captain’s talker on the bridge.

USA – Mon 06/Nineteen/2017 – 20:08:00 Glenn: If there were enough utter time residents of Eastham that actually cared about the history, which our departed friend Noel Beyle so generously collective with everyone, then maybe there would be a group that would take on the job of getting the mill back in operation. If it (the windmill) is in the palms of the Eastham Selectmen, than I don’t see anything switching.

Just like when the CG36500 was suggested to Chatham back in 1980; "Nope, don’t need it."

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 06/Nineteen/2017 – Legitimate:08:28 The Eastham Windmill used to grind souvenir corn but a fractured skull suffered decades ago by an unwary visitor after getting clocked in the head by the vanes put an end to that. Plus, as I understand it, the mill cap can’t be rotated into the wind because the pole once used for that was repurposed as a replacement to the blade shaft.

N. Eastham, MA USA – Mon 06/Nineteen/2017 – 11:33:Nineteen As far as the M/V Iyanough ferry crunch goes, I suspect that someone gave the helmsman an order to come left, when the order should have been, come right.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 06/Eighteen/2017 – 20:02:01 Emily:

As a Chatham native, I am so pleased to know that the windmill actually is operatonal! Eastham millers, get up to speed!

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 06/Eighteen/2017 – Nineteen:53:02 Nature gave the Godfrey Gristmill the bounty of wind today! We ground several bags of corn, moved the cap several times, gave antsy visitors bags of cornmeal to take home, and had a wonderfully successful day. Hooray!

Chatham , MA USA – Sun 06/Legal/2017 – 16:09:34 No longer a newsflash, but very astonished to have seen the M/V Iyanough hit the jetty in Hyannis. Authority operates with fine teams. Do not understand how Capt. could have been so far off course into the Harbor. Coast Guard Chatham was one of the teams responsding, but heard seas were so bad, outgoing authority vessel to Nantucket returned back. It must have been a task, just to get to the scene for responders

USA – Sat 06/17/2017 – 15:58:30 Civility, and clarity, comes back!

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 06/16/2017 – 20:25:30 Wishing the fathers in my family a heartfelt Father’s Day! My late father David, my late spouse Bob, son David, sons in law Matt and Dan and brothers John, Richard and Bob. So proud of all of you!

Brewster, MA USA – Fri 06/16/2017 – Legitimate:30:04 Emily, see you at the Windmill!

USA – Fri 06/16/2017 – 16:00:50 Thanks Lisa for the nudge! I will be at the windmill to see Colonel Godfrey and listen to colonial music by Rev. Robinson. corn muffins, too.

Chatham , MA USA – Fri 06/16/2017 – 13:27:50 This is history weekend. Go see Chatham in the military at the Atwood House. Observe Bob Ryder tap out a message for you at Marconi. Order an historic sign for your one hundred year old house with Don Edge’s help at the library from eleven to 1. Visit the depot or the windmill.

I’m going to the Caleb Nickerson house. It’s all free.

Elizabeth Tuttle Edge

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 06/16/2017 – 07:05:45 A belated thank you BobR for your welcome. Love being back in my hometown. Fortunately I missed the chastising and spat that occurred on these pages before mention of Mrs Crowell. I loved her also. When I has to write an essay on my application to Northfield, I was panicked. She was my monitor, noted my distress and reminded me of the relevance to the subject matter of a book we had studied. I had no trouble writing after that.Following her and my English professor godmother Elizabeth Reynard, I was an English teacher for twenty years before I switched to law.

Elizabeth Tuttle Edge

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 06/16/2017 – 06:53:16 Gordon, That just shows how compassionate she was. Thanks for sharing your private story.

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 06/14/2017 – Ten:34:52 I would not have graduated with my class in one thousand nine hundred forty nine if Mrs. Crowell had not given me a passing grade which I did not deserve.. She took me aside and said if I would play the Priest in the Play " GENE VALGENE " SP.. she would give me a passing grade . And that’s all I have to say about that.

USA – Wed 06/14/2017 – 09:57:29 Must have been early training for the Navy, where we were all referred to by last name.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 06/13/2017 – 17:36:14 Recall how she addressed each one by his/her last name?

Brewster, MA USA – Tue 06/13/2017 – 11:49:28 She was the most graceful and patient teacher I ever had. Including those at Stockbridge School at UMASS, the US Navy Pharmacy School, and Cornell University.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 06/11/2017 – Nineteen:26:20 Carl, None other than Mrs. Josephine Crowell, to whom I owe much.

Brewster, MA USA – Sun 06/11/2017 – 15:04:49 "And what is so infrequent as a day in June. " Makes me reminisce my Chatham high school English teacher. What was her name?

USA – Sun 06/11/2017 – 12:37:48 Judith, just so you know if you ever packed out a Chatham town census form your age is a matter of public record. I looked you up, you three years older than I am.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sun 06/11/2017 – 11:48:03 Blessed Summer Everyone!!

Brewster, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 20:00:34 Too many good people like Emily, Nancy, Richard, and Dick feeling the need to defend themselves. You guys have done NOTHING wrong – you add to the room. I. for one, look forward to reading your posts and catching up on Chatham present and past. Judith, Alan, John I hear you – I’m all for moving on with Emily and the Tangle Man into the summer season.

USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – Nineteen:32:30 Emily: Your post wasn’t considered unfriendly or offensive to me but given the timing of it, and in context with other surrounding posts, could be seen as such by some, which was unfortunate. So I certainly want you to stay here and contribute because your posts are welcome by me and that’s indeed the key, ok? And just so you know: I thought it had been mentioned previously but Alsn presently lives in NJ but has spent lots of time in/around Chatham and thus his interest in my forum.

J Hallgren (as Moderator)

S. Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – Nineteen:15:30 This may be my last entey ever. because newcomer or old-timer, my most friendly question has always been. where do you live? No offense ever meant. Let’s stir on.

Chatham , MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – Legitimate:57:01 I don’t consider my latest entry re the "fog index" to be disrespectful. There is such a thing that writers can use to ensure clarity, and Alan was aware of it back before I very first brought it up.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 16:53:52 I guess I can’t say WHO, but a duo of latest responders about A.W. are way out in LEFT field, if you get my drift.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 16:37:42 I don’t know how old any of the chatroom contributors are and I doubt any of you know how old I am. Old enough! But I suspect given his writing and practices, that Alan is older than I am. When I have seen mean-spirited intolerance in this room, I’ve thought of my dad, and how upset I would be if people treated him disrespectfully because he might not always have made flawless sense to them. Everyone who knew him respected his brilliance and accomplishments. I don’t think any of us personally know Alan or have even spoken with him with the exception of John. Alan is owed an apology. You know who you are.

Harwich, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 14:53:20 Alan: I agree that you haven’t done any visible ‘bait’ posts but as to rambling, I would say your mention of a cockpit shooting years ago to be a flawless example of that as it has NO connection to current topic or Chatham, ok?

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

S Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 12:13:00 Whoa, I hope we can slow this stage coach down. Just a brief note. Very first, the term bait, I never ever had any awareness of this and what some think I do.

However Judith, I know that you are of the same mind and I trust your thinking and understanding of matters.

USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 11:22:Legitimate John, I think you know me by now since I have been on this site since its inception and have never meant any harm to anyone, including Alan. It is just his "holier than thou" attitude which got to me. I still love fog. amen.

USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 11:06:31 Nancy, Dick, Ben, etal: I think John Hallgren has made his feelings known and should be respected. He "wields" the room, yet some of you seem to think this is a place only meant for people who grew up together to reminisce about days gone past. You are wrong.

Harwich, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 09:01:50 I have nick named him The Tangle Man and I love the time I spend attempting to untangle what he says.

USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 08:35:Nineteen Ben H: I attempt to treat everyone here the same, even those who criticize me, (but have/will give slight preference to those whom I have met/spoken to compared to unknown ones) and take many factors into consideration as to how to treat a situation. Alan is NOT a "teachers pet" but I will defend his postings when I feel he is being unfairly attacked, ok?

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

S Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 03:57:45 John your post is unfair at the very least – I have a better understanding for Alan now but consider this – Alan likes to practice both his literary and social abilities by using this room (your room if you will) – His method is to treat this forum as a group therapy session and make bizarre, rambling statements designed to "bait" others in the group – When good people react and chastise him as they should, Alan always goes "See, I told you so" or "Your response shows you lack character" – He obviously likes it because he periodically comebacks to do it again – Meantime bleeding heart Judith surfaces in his defense and you as moderator chime in to treat Alan as the "teachers pet" just like grammar school all over again – I applaud Nancy and the others – Alan got what he desired and asked for so he’ll be back especially with you holding his arm – Meantime, how about you let the room get back on the roll it was on before he shows up again

and he will – When you say you found "NOTHING wrong" with his posts, you fully overlook the way he baits people and then acts in a superior style with his responses pointing out his skill of the fog index or aviation all in a rambling flower power way – this room should not be group therapy for Alan Wirsul, join us and contribute in a friendly way and we could care less where you live – Nancy, Richard, Dick, Emily despite John’s statement many of us are strongly behind you and we get what you are telling

USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 03:Nineteen:54 Alan Wisrul: I indeed hope that you’ll proceed to post here. I found NOTHING at all wrong with any of your latest posts and NOTHING that deserved the negative comments you have received. And I will be deleting at least one of those posts a bit later. From our phone call a while back, which gave me a better understanding of your background and maybe why you write as you do, I think you are now being treated unfairly by some of the others here, and that’s NOT ok with me.

"Very disrespectful posts from Nancy Ryder Petrus, her brother and Dick Fulcher

Recall that one doesn’t need to live in Chatham most of their life to post here. This is open to ALL, including those who may live elsewhere but who have visited/stayed here, so it’s not a closed private group on Facebook, ok?

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

S Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/Ten/2017 – 02:28:01 I won’t say more, other than to say-a demonstration of Character

USA – Fri 06/09/2017 – 23:59:12 Judith, Do you truly want his nut case to proceed posting?

USA – Fri 06/09/2017 – 20:07:11 And the friendliness keeps on coming.

USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – 20:03:27 Alan, where do you live in Chatham?

Chatham , MA USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – Legitimate:52:21 Interesting that months ago I asked Alan if he knew of the "Fog index", which referred to the complexity of sentences. Like his.

Now we are back talking about real fog, Chatham type fog, marine fog for sure that doesn’t burn off by noon.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – 17:36:26 Alan, please don’t let the unfriendly tone of some contributors discourage you from participating.

Harwich, MA USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – 16:27:21 Here we go again, with Alan.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – 16:11:56 Indeed I do not know as much about Chatham as the natives, but I am finding out about the Ryder Nation of folks and the "friendly culture" that is extended to oursiders.

USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – 11:26:36 Alan, A dear friend just mentioned to me that you seem to know more about Chatham than the rest of us natives, so could we please end this discussion?

Brewster, MA USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – Ten:25:32 Fishermen that knew how to navigate without LORAN, RADAR, GPS, RDF etc., had a lot less competition during "Thicka Fog" events. I have never been referred to as a land fog paramour. 8K days plus at sea and still counting.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 06/08/2017 – 08:40:11 Good Evening Nancy:

I bet these family members have some stories to tell about fog. The key word for me is "concern." You most likely are aware of this already, there are actually six major types of fog known to the weather guys. When you get the chance, you might ask your son about "Marine Fog"-its usually very thick, long lasting and yes can be found in Chatham. My guess (since I have not had the privilage of loving Chatham every day) you most likely see more ground/radiation fog.

USA – Wed 06/07/2017 – 22:47:41 Alan, Bob Ryder was a fisherman and our father a fisherman for fifty six years out of Chatham Harbor. My son is a captain with Southwest Airlines. We know about fog. we still like it.

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 06/07/2017 – 20:36:30 Infrequently have been too cold, but most times too hot. like In Guantanamo, in VA, in Boston, in Memphis for sure, in Vietnam, even in Eastham, when Chathamites are cool it can be hot in Eastham

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 06/07/2017 – Nineteen:26:12 Looks like a few weather watchers around. Temp. wise, I always witnessed July eighteen a key date on the cape-Chatham or where ever. A duo of days before this date and 6-8 days afterwards, I always observed some very good weather with good temps. However when temp and dew point come inbetween three degrees of each other, I always had concern. All you land Fog paramours would see it differently if you were outside the Chatham Channel on a boat or for that matter in the air over Chatham or Hyannis.

USA – Wed 06/07/2017 – Nineteen:23:31 I DO love the fog!

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 06/07/2017 – 14:50:22 Fiftyfive degrees and thick fog year-round would sate me.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 06/07/2017 – 12:42:37 Yes, John, I recall that cold 4th of July. We were celebrating at our camp on North Beach but it was so cold we were all in long pants and sweatshirts. Every now and then we do get a cold and rainy summer to totally discourage our paying tourists. Hope this is not one of them.

Brewster, MA USA – Tue 06/06/2017 – Nineteen:26:29 How I missed Chatham when I worked at Hendrie’s Ice Juice Factory in Milton in the summer of 1958.!

Eight dollars a week for a rented room, with collective bath. No fan, wicked hot .No car. Chinese laundry down the street washed what few shirts I wielded. Don’t recall about any other garments.

I have progressed way beyond being too warm in the summer, and too cold in the winter.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 06/06/2017 – Legitimate:26:16 I reminisce a summer (1961?) when the sun never shone until one day today n August. Art Gould dropped the entire family at North Beach for the day. and the fog flipped over North Beaxh, while the church steeples were bathed in bright sunshine. The ultimate irony.

Chatham , MA USA – Tue 06/06/2017 – 11:46:58 Mornings were cool and the dew was stuck in the screens as the sun came up. The day was warm but not hot and after swimming, a sun-warmed towel was welcome. (On rainy days, Oyster Pond swimming lessons felt like shivering torment!!) My dearest time was right around 6PM when you would find your soft, comfy sweatshirt and put it on as the fog and chill spinned in. My wonderful Chatham.

USA – Tue 06/06/2017 – 09:59:45 Cold Summers! Yes they have always been cold. One Summer day in the mid 60s McBride the cop stopped me and said I was dressed improperly. He assumed I had nothing on under my CPO jacket- I had the wool jacket over my bathing suit.

South Chatham, MA USA – Tue 06/06/2017 – 07:46:47 Does anyone recall the summer-at least 20-25 years ago when even the 4th of July was cold. I can reminisce wearing a glaze to the parade. The summer did have some warm days, but almost no real beach days.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 06/05/2017 – Nineteen:16:03 Recall today from 2-4:30 at DelMar is the Tim Roper celebration of life as published in obit.

J Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham, MA USA – Sat 06/03/2017 – 08:38:14 The fresh boat at Coast Guard Chatham looks to be better suited for rescues in Pleasant Bay and Nantucket Sound than the forty two footers presently employed in Chatham. This is due to the fact that the forty two footers are prone to suck up sand and eelgrass in shallow waters.

The team is excited about the boat and it’s shallow water capabilities. The boat came from Lake Tahoe.

There are two presently on the grounds of Station Chatham, but one will soon be going to another station nearby.

All boats have their limitations.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 06/01/2017 – Nineteen:55:54 Or the Ospreys have obtained a gag order regarding further details on the location of their nest. 😉

USA – Thu 06/01/2017 – 14:41:30 Yes, because is it the case that everyone is going to see the Nest?

USA – Thu 06/01/2017 – 12:56:35 Nothing shuts down a talk room like an osprey nest.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 06/01/2017 – Ten:55:35 HAs anyone seen the osprey nest at Veterans field?

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/30/2017 – 09:45:11 Interesting to note that a Memorial Service was held on the USS Intrepid today, the very same ship that my fellow Corpsman and close friend, HM3 Richard Gauthier, died while attempting to save his shipmates. He was awarded posthumously the Navy and Marine Corps Medal. There is a seat in his memory on the Intrepid.

After so many years, their memories are still uppermost in my thoughts, especially on Memorial Day.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 05/29/2017 – Legal:02:31 Amazing as it may seem, today would have marked the one hundred bday of John F. Kennedy. No President since has matched the distinctive quality of his figure politic style. Was he remembered today at the Chatham Memorial Day events?

USA – Mon 05/29/2017 – 13:55:31 And to the families of those fallen heroes as well.

USA – Mon 05/29/2017 – 13:20:01 Never leave behind those who sacrificed for our freedom.

Brewster, MA USA – Mon 05/29/2017 – 11:04:55 2nd to BobR

USA – Fri 05/26/2017 – 23:Nineteen:28 Welcome home, E and D. Nice to see the flag flying at your home.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/26/2017 – 17:25:21 When I worked at Ruby’s Dry Cleaning Shop, (later the Frog Pond) across from the Ebb Tide Motel, one job I had was to turn studs’s trouser pockets inwards out and brush them with a puny brush. To eliminate pocket lint, etc. I suppose. Bishop’s pants were notably brief, and fishy. And naked of any bills or coins.

He was known to the fishermen as "Bishop."

But wasn’t his very first name Stanley?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 05/24/2017 – 20:02:35 Charlotte. Daughter of Howard & Margaret Bishop

USA – Mon 05/22/2017 – Legal:32:26 Carl – I don’t think we’ve met either, however I’ve very much liked your contributions here on this board. I think you misinterpreted what I said — my Dad hired Ralph Macdonald to build our house in West Chatham, back in 1958. I think you were talking about Ralph himself who I reminisce from when I was a kid and seemed to be a very nice man. My Dad was pleased with the quality of the house he built for us, and I still own it to this day.

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Mon 05/22/2017 – 14:25:43 Carl, Wasn’t Bishop’s daughter married to Ralph MacDonald?

Brewster, MA USA – Mon 05/22/2017 – 13:25:49 James Dempsey – I don’t think I know you but I do recall your Dad being a fine builder and building those motels. Is there any chance that he was married to Bishop’s (5K in hundred roll in his right mitt pocket) the fish dealer’s daughter – perhaps her name might have been Constance? or Connie? Very beautiful lady.

USA – Mon 05/22/2017 – 12:33:46 On a stormy day in the spring of 1975, I took my boat, Gollum, out for some bass. I had a few herring left from the day before, and had stopped in Stage Harbor and caught some Pogies to keep the herring company in my live tank. The area I determined to fish was inbetween where the bar was at that time, and Monomoy. good swift moving water when the tide turns. I was using 15lb. mono with lead line for backing. I caught three big stripers that day, 39, 40, and forty two lbs. And, yes, the fattest one escaped the gaff! I’ve never repeated that. When they stopped biting I headed in and passed my receipt to Millie ,then headed to the Squire.

MO USA – Mon 05/22/2017 – 09:32:49 Ralph Macdonald built the house for my Dad in West Chatham in 1958. He also built Sea In The Rough and Handkerchief Shoals, among others. He once caught a very big striper and brought it by to display it off to my dad, in 1959. Here’s that photo: Looks at least as big as the sixty four lb one!

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Sun 05/21/2017 – 13:16:05 The largest bass I reminisce watching was caught by Tim Hartnett, back in 1974. He had it mounted and it suspended in his father’s house in Riverbay. Does anyone else reminisce this and/or the weight? Pretty sure it was in the 60+ range.

MO USA – Sun 05/21/2017 – 12:44:58 Photo of said big bass:

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Sun 05/21/2017 – 11:40:41 Col Jim – spotted something on the internetz of someone catching a 64lb striper over near the ass-pipe this week.

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Sun 05/21/2017 – 11:37:44 Bingo – called the "Deadman’s mitt". Good catch Jim – thought I’d killed he interwebz for a few moments.

USA – Sat 05/20/2017 – 20:06:11 I think Jim was referring to Wild Bill Hickock who was preported to be holding the Aces & Eights mitt when it was killed.

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Sat 05/20/2017 – Eighteen:27:21 JimP: Whose gravesite?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 05/20/2017 – 17:38:03 Carl, we visited his gravesite in Deadwood when we were in South Dakota – neat place. Some pretty interesting characters buried there.

USA – Fri 05/Nineteen/2017 – Legitimate:54:01 Aces and eights.

USA – Fri 05/Nineteen/2017 – 13:04:46 It wasn’t a assets they found at Saquatucket Harbor, it was THIS ROOM!

USA – Fri 05/Nineteen/2017 – Ten:Ten:25 Good to hear Carl I had been looking for you in the Norwegian Funny Papers

USA – Wed 05/17/2017 – 16:04:21 After several inquires I do not think it is me.

USA – Wed 05/17/2017 – 00:27:08 A duo photos and very little information about the bod found at Saquatucket Harbor can be seen here. (If you have trouble with copy/paste, here’s a shorter link: )

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Sun 05/14/2017 – 16:12:59 Wishing All Mothers out there a Very Glad Mother’s Day and may your faces light up with gladness! (Taken from the Song "Smile" originally done in one thousand nine hundred thirty six by Chapman and later by Nat King Cole, Michael Jackson, and Rod Stewart. Mom’s you might want to Utube this one.

So today is the day to SMILE!

USA – Sun 05/14/2017 – 12:51:45 Does anyone know who died in Saquatucket Harbor this morning? A lot of Chatham boats up there.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sun 05/14/2017 – 12:48:05 I understand the sea is a rolling in Chatham. The election is over, no one says much, so now its time to stir on, but here’s a good one for all: We can believe what we choose, we are answerable for what we choose to believe.

USA – Sat 05/13/2017 – 22:55:40 I was gonna ask if Bob had commandeered the ship and was planning to skipper the rest of the cruise.

Orleans, MA USA – Sat 05/13/2017 – Nineteen:01:29 The sea she is a’rollin but Captain Bob has it under control!

Brewster, MA USA – Sat 05/13/2017 – 11:24:13 Chronicle FB post says Cory Metters has been elected as Chairman of BOS. Given his prior practice at Planning Board, it’s going to be well run meetings, I believe.

J Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/12/2017 – 09:58:34 Updated: She had 1,289 to his 706. That’s fairly a victory. Hope things improve on BOS now.

J Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 05/11/2017 – 20:33:15 Chronicle reports that Shareen Davis won the election. No vote count given in the FB post.

J Hallgren (as user)

S. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 05/11/2017 – 20:29:02 Sylvia Fulcher – and now you may know the rest of the story. Glad trails ahead!

USA – Thu 05/11/2017 – 20:Legal:43 I’m not sure I qualify, but I know I never pull strings.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 05/11/2017 – Nineteen:03:29 Alan – proud to be one!

USA – Thu 05/11/2017 – 14:27:15 John Whelan/Emily:

Democracy is superb, but you have to recognize its limitation. Facetious or not, the ancient Greeks (Spartans) were aware of the flaws where they referred to the "string pullers" as the minor arts of wire pulling. Even within this room, it is clearly visible that you also have the "good old boy gang" Chatham card carrying members and they are lightly identifiable.

USA – Thu 05/11/2017 – Ten:36:38 I like both candidates and feel as however each of them are worthy of consideration. If Seth is ousted, tho’, who will champ the Monomoy issue(s)? Anyone have that reaction? Good luck to both of them.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/Ten/2017 – 17:34:31 The following quote is taken directly from Seth at the debate. Verify on channel eighteen if you would like.

USA – Wed 05/Ten/2017 – 14:06:52 I’m afraid there are voters who count on a certain few to be involved, and speak at Town Meeting. And despite the chance to state one’s opinion, not everyone is comfy doing so. It takes a bit of courage, despite wobbly knees and the realization there will be criticism by some. But, it is SO significant to pay attention and be involved.

Harwich, MA USA – Wed 05/Ten/2017 – Ten:32:55 I see some towns have their Town Meetings on Saturday. Maybe that would be something to consider for the future. It’s very hard for folks who are up early and work all day – especially those with families to attempt to attend evening meetings. I would much more appreciate the chance of attending one on a Saturday instead of working al day then going in the evening – and I know I speak for others as well.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/Ten/2017 – 06:13:25 Emily, I don’t know what is flawed about the system. The capability to state one’s position is available to all. It is semitransparent. Few government decisions at all levels are as fair. Please tell me how it is flawed.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 22:35:49 John. my point exactly! Shame on me for not attending Town Meeting this year after three generations of love of this town.,way back to 1880. But the system is flawed. and the "big_wiga" know it! What EVER HAS HAPPENED.

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 21:59:27 I know that many people have strong feelings about some of the issues determined at Chatham’s Town Meeting. Some feel their beliefs have been validated and some feel their position was unfairly denied. That is not my issue. My issue is the integrity of the Town Meeting system. To my skill, all interested voters can attend and participate in our Town Meeting. Each and every voter has his or her right to address the meeting and to vote on the issue. To me, that is the purest form of democracy available anywhere. So any talk of two hundred twenty votes out of 6000

is, to my way of thinking, just so much talk. We should do all we can to preserve the Town Meeting form of government.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 21:28:11 It does require a lot of patience to sit at Town Meeting, but it is one thing I miss. I began going to Town Meeting at the age of thirteen and learned much about the way our town works. Many people couldn’t care less about the proceedings, but it’s the best way to direct what happens to where you live, or to at least make an attempt.

Orleans, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 21:07:40 Thank you, Elaine. I simply desired to point out how the few are able to determine for the many! Who is to blame? I cannot venture a guess, but my hubby I have voted (absentee) for a candidate we feel will intelligently proceed a fight for all of Chatham and has " a dog in the fight". My firngers are crossed.

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 20:47:35 Selectman Taylor is against them.

USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 20:25:24 Judy P. To add to your reference re: the alleged "wipe campaign"- which is defined as "false accusations", I’m confused by that moniker floating around. .No one can debate that Shareen is for them and Seth is against Selectman Taylor. Pot shops will likely be the single largest social issue facing every community this year. Since legalization was defeated in Chatham 58%-42%, I think we can conclude that at least 58% would be opposed to pot shops in Chatham. However the Chronicle neglected to report that Shareen stated this position in both debates- one on movie of 4-20-17 at the League f Women Voters. i think we can all agree that an informed citizenry is always better for democracy.

USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 20:23:30 Emily. If I understood your comment, i agree with you that its pretty sad that so few showcase up at town meeting to determine how millions are spent. A $31 Million appropriation for wastewater expansion( mostly for one hundred thirty seven for Harwich) , and as much as our entire Operating Budget, passed with less discussion than pickle ball. As far as the Intermunicipal Agreement with Harwich, I’d just say I’m truly glad none of those two hundred twenty who voted for it are my Financial Advisor. I’d be bankrupt in brief order.

USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 20:03:Legal Debbie – do you want to proceed this dialogue about exaggeration? I happen to be the recipient of an email you’re sending around telling that there’s a wipe campaign going on against Shareen telling how if pot is sold in Chatham her opponents are claiming we are attempting to work people into a madness by stating Shareen is for organized crime and homelessness. Earnestly? You may want to get your facts straight before you post on here . We all conveniently noticed how you never responded to my question – muffle is complacency. Maybe your grandchildren will venture into a pot shop and buy their wares and bring some home to you.

WChatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Nineteen:30:56 P.S Debbie. The Chronicle stated it was 61. They must be wrong.

USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Nineteen:Nineteen:17 It is reminiscent of the seven thousand cars that drive down Stage Harbor Rd every day.

USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Nineteen:16:41 Elaine: It was stated that under four hundred out of six thousand (total) voters supported. So I stated that sixty out of six thousand (total) voters opposed. Sorry about the one vote. We can discuss exaggeration of numbers after the election.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Nineteen:05:15 Oops typo – should have said when will town require – sorry

Fine catch Elaine –

W Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Legitimate:56:25 Read online one comment today about the horrible deal that was negotiated for this – couldn’t agree more – but as Debbie says democracy rules. Interesting how some things can become non tying when the "powers that be" don’t like the outcome. This was indeed a horrible deal that Chatham will end up paying greatly for a long time to come. Would be interested to learn when CBI and that spread of roadway will be compelled to meet up. The town seems to be baking the puny users meet up very first – which makes no sense

W Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Legal:46:48 For Your Information Debbie. The vote was 220-61. Not 6000-61. This exaggeration of numbers is ringing a bell.

USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Legitimate:43:20 60 out of six thousand opposed it. Democracy in act!

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Legitimate:32:28 Arrgh! Wilth over six thousand voters in Chatham, under four hundred voted to approve the sewer deal with Harwich. Something stinks!

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – Eighteen:15:46 Carl: Is your Indian Hill neighbor as old as you? Or was she a former neighbor from many years ago?Are you both old?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Tue 05/09/2017 – 17:41:14 Best wishes for a speedy recovery for my old Indian Hill Road neighbor – Miss San Francisco. Now guess that one!

USA – Mon 05/08/2017 – 13:13:Legitimate As a kid, I loved to peel and chew on a fresh stalk of rhubarb. Expected to love rhubarb pie and practically ball-gagged on it. Ironically, I am not usually a fan of the "sour" food/drink practice and rhubarb pie adds sugar. In every other example, I absolutely LOVE pie. Not. this. time. :-\

USA – Mon 05/08/2017 – Ten:41:22 Lisa, thanks. We too always referred to it as Andrew Harding’s Lane, and all mail ever sent home seemed to get there. In later years when our street number got switched from the "43" it always was, to something like "56", the switch became apparent to me. Does the street sign have the s on the end? Regardless, it has always been a special place, especially back when Walter Eldredge and then Art Gould had "Boats to let". On a side note, our garden too had rhubarb in it, and whether it was her love or the raisins she put in hers, Aunt Betty’s rhubarb was always delicious! And nothing like a strawberry/rhubarb pie!

MO USA – Mon 05/08/2017 – 09:53:17 For the very first time in fifteen years, I won’t be in the bleachers at ATM, as not arriving until this afternoon so have things to do in Yarmouth tonight. oh well. will witness on movie later.

J Hallgren (as user)

Clearwater , FL USA – Mon 05/08/2017 – 09:45:01 I note that the assessor lists Eliphalets (oops Eliphamets) with no apostrophe. Maybe it’s that way for all "possessive" streets. Wondering why the name was switched. Maybe Andrew used it as a path to the beach from his store.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 05/08/2017 – 09:01:14 The assessor’s office lists the lane without an s but we have always referred to it as Andrew Hardings Lane even however Andrew Harding never possessed it and his store was at one hundred fifty one Main. I don’t think he ever lived on the street. On an old map, it once was Mullet Street. No lifeguards in crimson chairs at Lighthouse Beach.

Cherry Hill, NJ USA – Mon 05/08/2017 – 08:22:20 Could be Richard. My sons hate tomatoes. I grow lots of them and I love them. But, I never compelled them to eat them.

Harwich, MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – Legitimate:46:08 Judith:

If your household was bashful of sugar, then I can see why you might have an aversion to stewed rhubarb. Or maybe assets chemistries react differently to such things. My wifey is not an aficionado of rhubarb, but somehow I was born to like it.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – Legal:00:43 Rubub: This brought back a memory. My parents had an enormous garden, with rhubarb planted along the driveway. I HATED stewed rhubarb, but my siblings and I had to finish everything served us. All my friends would be out playing and I would be gagging on that awful rhubarb. Later, when I was learning to drive, back and forward up and down the driveway I "accidentally" ran over the rhubarb. Never ate it again. It is pretty tho’.

Harwich, MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 17:01:46 Jake Worth was an auto mechanic at Pursue Chevrolet (now Bank Of America ) on Old Harbor Road.Jake was stationed with my grandfather in the Coast Guard at Monomoy around 1917-1918. It was years later that I knew that Jake had been in the CG.

This time of year, when rhubarb is coming in, I think of him. He’d buy our extra stalks, so I became "Rubub" to him.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 15:30:07 Jim P is right this is a decision for the informed voters of Chatham to make. I can assure one thing tho’ and that is that there will be not one teaspoon less Marijuana consumed in Chatham if pot shops are prohibited. To quote one of the Chowderman’s favorites "Just because thou art virtuos shall there be no more cakes and ale!"

W. Chatham , MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 14:49:09 I don’t think I would want to arm wrestle with JimP – or brain wrestle either!

USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 11:13:03 wasn’t the halfway house a little shack literally "halfway" inbetween life-saving stations? A place of refuge for the surfmen out walking foot patrol within their sector? I recall talking with Jake Worth about that stuff many years ago. Man. got a superb education from listening to him and some of the other old-timers.

USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 09:42:Nineteen I reminisce when Halfway House was moved to Forest Beach in the late 1980’s by Mr. Baker. It’s very likely there to stay. I’m glad that it was saved. one of the few iconic structures that remain in our town. It had been named to the National Register of Historic Places prior to being moved.

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 07:59:40 Debbie, the Halfway House still resides in Chatham. just not on the same beach. And, for those of you that do not know me, BobR is Robert Smith Ryder, born in October of 1941, and except for a few years abroad have called Chatham "home" ever since.

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 05/07/2017 – 04:48:03 Bill M, I don’t need you or anyone else in this room to lecture me about what drugs can do to families. I have been there. I support Shareen for many other reasons, a primary one being that she is respectful of others and their opinions.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 23:25:05 Debbie – just nosey here – do you or do you not support pot shops in Chatham? I think we’d all be nosey to hear your response.

W Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 22:41:58 Disingenuous? I don’t know Bill M., Ben H., Bob R, Glenn S. or Bill N.. But, I do think these are very likely real people unlike "Steve Harding" and "George Hamilton".

Harwich, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 22:17:26 OK Judy, I guess I need to explain again. Scroll down and you’ll see that Bill M. addressed "Anonymous Steve". So I thought it was pretty disingenuous, where he’s also anonymous. I’ll leave it at that.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 21:36:57 Debbie – I just don’t understand why you feel the need to argue with everyone in here. It is as tiring as George’s posts. Who cares? People have voiced their opinions about having pot shops in Chatham and it’s safe to say the majority of residents do not want them . Regardless of who Bill M. is he wrote an enormously well thought out post as did others.

WChatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 21:23:59 I take it that you and others know who Bill M. is? Fair is fair, IMHO.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 20:24:23 Debbie: Why have you referred to Bill M. as "Anonymous Bill M."? Gravely. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you refer to "Steve Harding" or "George Hamilton" this way.

Harwich, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 20:Legal:20 Anonymous Bill M.: This discourse has me perplexed. Your candidate has even been quoted as telling that the discussion is premature.

I bit of nostalgia from 1959: Halfway House on the beach inbetween the Hawes House Beach and Andrew Harding’s Beach. Wishing it could be brought back, now that the beach has built up again.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 20:01:32 Bill M. -Roll call

I don’t know how a candidate can say in one breath we need to bring in more youthful families to Chatham, and in the next support pot shops. A indeed fine way to create ANOTHER "challenge facing youthful people"-AND their parents. The negative influence on property values alone would be profound and irreversible. I would personally never buy a home in any town with pot shops, exposing my grandchildren to an environment as described by Jim P. It would be grossly irresponsible. Nor do I think "pot shops" made the Chamber of Commerce’s top fifty list for "rebranding" Chatham. But "rebranded" it will be. To imply that to embrace "diversity" requires being accepting of pot shops, and all it’s very serious negative implications for a community, is taking "spin" to an absurdly, laughable level, if it weren’t so serious. I’m frankly floored that anyone would even attempt to rationalize it’s support under the guise of "diversity" and having a "broad perspective". I turn down to embrace it and won’t be "shamed" into it, by you or anyone else. And shame on you for attempting, whoever you are. It is a bridge, once crossed, that will switch Chatham forever- and not for the good, for anyone, by any standard.

USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – Legitimate:57:00 Anybody who thinks that it is a good idea to have Pot Shops in any community is not looking out for the best interests of the entire community. It may be good for business for someone. But, it is a loser for society. This is not a spank against Shereen, I thing she is a good person.. let’s think about the kids in this town.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 16:06:38 Can you two indeed support a candidate such as this with a straight face? Both of you? It is laughable and seems to clearly indicate that you and every other person that may be supporting Shareen Davis, have no problem with marijuana sales in Chatham. George, do you know what drugs do to youthfull families? Have you any concept of how drugs can decimate a community? HA! HA! HA! Let me fall off my chair laughing! What you have is a candidate that is telling the voters of Chatham that it’s ok to have drugs in our community.

Chatham, MA, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 15:Ten:05 George Myers & Anonymous Steve,

Chatham, MA, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 15:09:33 Mr. Harding:

Your Choreographing maneuver turns on a metaphoric light switch within me

"Don’t count your chickens before they hatch"

USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 12:17:14 Five days to go to Election Day. Shareen Davis proceeds to demonstrate her readiness to listen to differing opinions of the issues. She clearly shows her skill of the challenges facing working people, youthfull and old, obviously since she and her family have very first arm practice. It is this broad perspective that will make her a excellent asset for Chatham’s diverse community when she is elected on Thursday.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – Ten:38:54 Just an observation on the legality of pot: I’ve been stationed at Fort Carson twice (Colorado Springs); spent five years there prior to the enactment of the marijuana laws a duo years ago.

In our meanderings about the country, we spent a month camping at the Air Force Academy (sorry Ben) back in October. Colorado Springs used to be a vibrant, eclectic and wonderful community – indeed neat little city. It has been overrun by bums and vagrants seeking the permissiveness of the lax drug laws. EVERY single corner in downtown CS has panhandlers seeking money. EVERY SINGLE CORNER.

USA – Sat 05/06/2017 – 08:48:56 I am not going to get into this with you George except to say that at the Chatham Alliance forum this week Seth again said he was opposed, and Shareen said she was for pot shops. Hundreds of people were present for the comments at the two forums which I trust you were not. Take it or leave it. It is what it is.

USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 20:29:07 Elaine, Difficult to arrive at that conclusion based on his LWV responses. In fact, he Joked about marijuana use.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 20:12:26 I lived well below the arresting gear, but the one thousand lb bombs being flipped around in the hangar bay on the Intrepid were just feet over my head. I was on the Intrepid when two A-1’s (prop planes) shot down at least one Russian MIG, a jet. Cool stuff.

Ben, I give you a lot of credit for landing on a carrier deck, numerous times, in a "steuff" as well as an A-4.. There are old pilots, and bold pilots, but no old and bold pilots. I have some movies I shot of various carrier landings, as well as movies of crossing the Equator and team members becoming Shellbacks.

Sorry, this is not Chatham news or history. Just encouraging Ben to tell some more sea stories.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – Nineteen:48:28 When I was at Umass my advisor was David Porter, a very bright and kind man. After receiving my Master’s Degree at Wesleyan I returned to UMass, at age now 29, and looked up David. He asked me what I had learned at Wesleyan and I told him that I had learned how to read. He knew exactly what I meant, put his mitt on my shoulder and congratulated me.

USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – Legal:11:15 "To be fair" George, Selectman Taylor is on record that he is opposed to pot shops in Chatham, Ms Davis is on record at LWV that "hopefully we will see some businesses in town that will be able to sell marijuana." I think the difference inbetween those two positions is crystal clear.

USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 17:28:54 Carl – interesting! Thank you and Ben for your reminiscing- I always loved hearing the stories folks mentioned near Camp Avalon as well. Not too many folks here now that recall that or the blimp coming to Chatham.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 16:59:58 Carl/Ben:

I see again that we might have something in common with your Umass venture, but difficult for me to relate it to Chatham except to say there may be a few chemists out in the township. At Umass, there was a Professor Louis Carpino who instructed out of the Lederle Building (he must be about eighty six now, but I know he was training into is late 70’s). His work centered around the construction of Peptides and Med Chemistry. He is responsible for 1000’s of jobs and more, around the Pharma world-remarkable mind, excellent dude!

USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 16:56:24 Judy, As you well know a political contribution to a candidate does not establish that the candidate agrees with every position of the contributor. If that were true, Chatham would hardly budge forward under Mr. Taylor as many of his most ardent supporters are CAVE people (Citizens Against Virtually Everything)(joke). BTW, looks like about 40% of Mr. Taylor’s financial support is from himself.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 16:37:14 Ben and Alan -when I was in Rota, Spain in the Navy with a very high clearance for classified material and I carried a .38 Ruger Courier and the A4 would land on the tarmac and I and my LTJG Frank Paskert would pick up the material and transport it back to HQ. I always liked reading the ONI Office of Naval Intelligence (coded Secret) and what was happening with the Russians off of North Beach. When I came across the crimson paper for Top Secret and it said "For US Eyes Only" my knees trembled a bit but it was interesting albeit I did not understand much of it. It was a nice firearm they gave me to carry and if I agreed to reenlist they would make me a YN2500 which was a secret agent with a CID designation for civilian in disguise Fortunately the Sirens of Umass attracted me more and at age twenty two I went to college.

USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 15:01:Eighteen The Chronicle’s Facebook page is posting a link to the Town website to showcase who is supporting the candidates and the amounts of their contributions. No surprises the developers are supporting Ms. Davis who also said she would support pot shops in Chatham at the League of Woman Voters Forum. I know folks are fed up with the political posts on here; however one should know who they’re voting for and their positions on certain topics.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 14:12:34 Hey Alan three aircraft carriers in northeast back then USS Intrepid (now a museum in NYC)and USS Lake Champlain in Quounset Pt, USS Wasp in Boston (because JFK wished one carrier in Boston). Each carrier had A1 Skyraiders, E1 Hawkeyes, S2 Trackers, and A4 Skyhawks (A4 was the only jet aircraft – meant to counter the threat of the Russian Bear aircraft flyovers in the North Atlantic as in early Top Gun). I flew the S2 and A4. How does this relate to the Cape? We totally blew up the James Longstreet relic off Brewster on training missions with our rockets and at night we had a mega candlepower searchlight which would expose and scatter beach parties (some even left behind to gather their clothes) when we came in low towards their campfire and lit them off at the last minute. All in good joy and best interests of training and proficency.

USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – 11:31:06 Oh my – – totally left behind that place!! I don’t think we were permitted to go there – too many "older" kids.. LOL Not a clue about Harding v Harding’s . . sorry

W. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – Ten:43:26 Judy, the "Internal Beach" I was referring to was located in the basement of the Episcopal Church, summers of ’67-’68 I believe. However, I spent innumerable hours working and playing within the restrains of the one you are referring to! Many hours spent skim boarding the low water flats at Andrew Harding’s Lane. Speaking of, when referred to, it was always with the "S" at the end of Harding. However I was told it was officially just "Harding". Any clarification?

MO USA – Fri 05/05/2017 – Ten:01:59 So, was it an A1E Skyraider at RI or the latter vieweed replacement Grumman A-6 Intruder?

USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 23:09:24 Sure did Richard 1962-64 Quonset Pt RI Now we’re most likely both in trouble for reminiscing about naval carrier aviation – trussed to offend someone

USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 21:56:29 "It’s May,John’s away.the loans hold sway" top that one Chowderman!

USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 21:49:34 Do you need a loan/financial assistance ? We can help you secure your future financially. send your replies to : [email protected]

ca, CA USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 21:06:05 Ben H: Did you ever land or take off from the USS Intrepid, my former home for two years? 1965-1967

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – Nineteen:52:59 I reminisce the abandoned USCG station on the outer beach being a treasure trove for a six year old boy – I found a set of flash cards with photos of enemy aircraft and submarines. With my father being at sea on a destroyer escort for the entire war, I used my imagination as to how he was helping keep us safe from the U Boats.He later told me there were no heroics just constant seasickness. We weren’t permitted to swim near the current that summer after Billy Cleary and a visiting friend got swept away by it – he knew enough not to scare and ended up OK but she fought it and was drowning when old Mr Johnson (certainly too old to be a lifeguard) watching from his lawn somehow got to her and dragged her ashore – they put her on a door and embarked attempting to revive her when Doc Keene came roaring up the road to Ministers Point just in time to save her. I had a tremendous respect for rip tides and strong currents after watching that.

USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 16:Ten:31 It’s that time of year for me to be on-the-road for a few days so since I won’t have Net access as much, y’all please be kind to each other and attempt to go after the rules while I’m not able to check in, ok? Thanks!

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – Ten:49:36 Most of my memories come from the end of Andrew Hardings Lane but when we ventured "across the current" it was good times. The shoreline view. Raked clams for the 1st time. Loved finding remains of camp fires, thinking how much joy the "pirate cook-outs" must have been. 🙂

USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – Ten:32:01 Bill – I reminisce there was so much of it!! We’d clam there then go over and swim the Outer. I can’t believe there was so much beach then and so little now. Those were the best of days. John – I was mistaken about the crimson chairs – still need to do some research on that. Maybe it was the Beach Club. . . .

W. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – Ten:00:Nineteen Speaking of nostalgia and the outer beach, does anyone else reminisce the "Inward Beach"?

MO USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 09:57:50 I don’t recall lifeguards at Lighthouse Beach. Sometimes there were flaps. The Beach Club had a lifeguard. The outer beach was growing to the south.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 05/04/2017 – 08:36:Nineteen Wayne – I’ll have to ask my friend and get back to you. Perhaps we were thinking of something else but we both remembered crimson lifeguard chairs. Go figure – thanks!

West Chatham , MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 16:12:26 Judy, Please be nice. It was not an "announcement". The announcement came with Judith’s post that preceded mine. (Note her town designation.) Anyway, I hope that current topics will proceed to be posted along with nostalgia.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 16:01:03 Judy, I grew up summers on Andrew Harding’s the 50’s and 60’s and do not reminisce lifeguards at Lighthouse Beach.

West Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 15:36:27 I’m sure Debbie. Now that we’ve weary politics and the aviation industry, can we please get back to the nostalgia? Maybe if folks are actually friends, your type of "announcement" would be best sent by email.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 14:50:44 Just congratulating. Thought I was being nice. Oh well.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 14:38:48 Reading your posts – sorry. Can’t hear them from here. LOL

W. Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 14:28:30 Judith – doesn’t matter where you live – we love reading your posts! Like Ben, and Mr. Ryder who lived here and no longer do. Not sure why Debbie felt the need to publicize that – very likely to make sure we are all aware that you are no longer a citizen of Chatham. Nonetheless – I love hearing your posts!

W. Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 14:26:35 It’s aviation Judith made sense to Alan who understands the prizes of helping others learn the joys of flying – Does it apply to this room? A big no – simply points out the rambling philosophy from Alan

I am a nostalgia dude – hope we go back to that

USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 13:09:08 Judith: Congratulations on your fresh home. I was very astonished to note the real estate transactions in the Chronicle.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 05/03/2017 – 06:29:09 Alan: I very much appreciate your kind comments. Thank you.

Harwich, MA USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 22:16:03 Ben H, I never met Judith Winters other than on this site, however my observations of Judith is that she thinks in a style of doing what’s right and wishes to make a positive contribution to Chatham in any way possible. She serves as a beacon of light to the Chatham community as well as this site.

Judith goes after a path pf principal!

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 20:20:15 Judith: The references to aviation made sense to both Ben and Alan as both have connections to that field in various ways.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – Eighteen:32:08 And that, ladies and gentlemen displayed a accomplish lack of civility, courtesy or understanding of John’s rules. The comment about Alan, "carrier landings", "100 night", etc. made no sense.

North Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 16:34:01 Judith I don’t know you but based upon your responses in this room I think you are a accomplish "priss" as in a prissy old schoolmarm or librarian – you wait in the weeds until you can criticize someone or something – always criticism never a positive thought or a thank you

Alan attempted it liked it so much I ended up with thousands of hours three hundred carrier landings one hundred night instructed more than a few along the way You are correct it is rewarding

That’s the very first post from you in here which I understood – keep it up

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 16:17:44 Ben H:

I assure you Ben H., there is no hallucinating going on here, on the contrary, I worked on a volunteer basis for fifteen years with with our local youth services and alliance committee to prevent what you are suggesting. Even more so, I took on the challenge of the most bullied and lost students in the community, working with the school and the local airport to established a very first flight program. Something that could lightly be done in Chatham, if there was not so much bickering taking place. Nothing like the very first time practice of lifting a plane off the ground and witnessing a youthfull person have self worth. You may wish to attempt it sometime instead of your disrespectful nonsense.

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 15:34:31 Judith, Tolerance for other points of view, and means of expression are good qualities in anyone.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 15:21:41 The hill overlooked Stage Harbor from Champlain Road Town Landing. Go take a look. I went with either Frannie or Nancy.

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 13:32:46 I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill

On Blueberry Hill when I found you

The moon stood still on Blueberry Hill

And lingered until my desires came true

(The wind in the willow played

Love’s sweet melody

But all of those vows we made

Were never to be)

Tho’ we’re apart, you’re part of me still

For you were my thrill on Blueberry Hill

(I found my thrill)

Come climb the hill with me, baby

(on Blueberry Hill)

We’ll see what we shall see

(on Blueberry Hill)

I’ll bring my horn with me

(when I found you)

I’ll be wit’ you where berries are blue

(the moon stood still)

Each afternoon we’ll go

(on Blueberry Hill)

Higher than the moon we’ll go

(and lingered until)

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 13:27:45 Ben, your less than subtle inference re pharmaceuticals is uncalled for. Tolerance for other points of view, and means of expression are good qualities in ambassadors and people who contribute to this room. BTW, I don’t think anyone has cornered the market on song lyrics.

North Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – Ten:41:37 Alan I believe you mean well and wish to make a contribution to this room but unluckily your submissions are rambling – almost as if you loaded up on "pharmaceuticals" and then attempted to inspire us with your philosophy. Please find a point and stick to it so we can understand you. Yes Chatham needs ambassadors and Yes John Whelan has lived his life as a fine ambassador for Chatham. Please leave the Louis Armstrong lyrics to the Chowderman with his version of Blueberry Hill.

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – Ten:24:47 Unluckily, moving "forward" does not always mean "getting better". just sayin’.

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 09:40:14 John Whelan is an excellent ambassador for Chatham. I note that he’s moderating a Selectman Candidates’ Forum this Thursday. Good luck John!

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 08:56:38 Folks:

What Chatham needs is ambassadors. You can epitomize the idea of nostalgia. However, while you may wish you could practice it again, why can you not take hold of and embrace, that you could contribute for living in a world that is better, than the one we came from.

And oh yes, politics is not the end all. While you may not influence Ten,000 people in your life time, find ten and share a positive practice.

"I see Trees of Green, Crimson Roses too. I think to myself, what a wonderful world.

USA – Tue 05/02/2017 – 07:38:42 . and speaking of competitive politics, ten more days! Hopefully those of us who live here aren’t fed up!

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 05/01/2017 – Eighteen:59:48 Carl. "Outdoor" certainly didn’t begin in Chatham today. I was hoping to dance around the maypole, but it was not to be.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 05/01/2017 – Eighteen:24:27 Yea, I come on here for the nostalgia. . .as I live right outside of Washington, D.C., I am "fed up" will all politics!! 🙂

College Park, MD USA – Mon 05/01/2017 – 17:Ten:Ten Hooray! Hooray! It;s the very first of May.

Outdoor . starts today.

USA – Mon 05/01/2017 – 09:42:31 Thanks Bob. My posts are always respectful. Stay tuned.

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 04/30/2017 – Nineteen:29:50 Don’t run Debbie. I am one that goes after most of the talk here and to a certain extent love it. There’s room for non-denigrating political talk.

Chatham, MA USA – Sun 04/30/2017 – 16:35:55 Got it. So much for present Chatham. See above.

Chatham,, MA USA – Sat 04/29/2017 – 20:34:46 Nostalgia is how and why this site was founded.

Brewster, MA USA – Sat 04/29/2017 – 20:28:45 Ok, guess I need to defer to nostalgia. Over and out.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 04/29/2017 – Nineteen:34:32 Two entire days after your entry on the 27th , with no comments from anyone..

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/29/2017 – Nineteen:32:43 Richard, Since it’s so effortless to see, I’d like to know why you think Chatham politics discussion tends to shut things down.

Chatham, MA USA – Sat 04/29/2017 – Nineteen:Legal:00 Effortless to see how the Chatham politics topic tends to shut down much discussion.

Cas was the son of Joseph C. Kelley, the Keeper at Monomoy Point Station in 1902. I used to cut his widow Chestina’s grass. Should have asked more questions of her.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/29/2017 – Legal:08:14 This is Article 38. The IMA doesn’t require Town Meeting approval by State Law. So I guess the outcome must be non-binding.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – 20:20:37 Totally agree. I have to say I am amazed with how the Harwich Selectman indeed went to bat for their people. Too bad Chatham’s didn’t and are only able to see dollar signs. Harwich stands to build up much more than Chatham ever will and as pointed out in the article – it never will end. Sad that so many folks don’t see the writing on the wall. Town Meeting will determine – but one better hope that it is a Trussing vote.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Nineteen:54:41 Guess we need to see how this plays out at Town Meeting. Meantime, I stand by my comments.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Nineteen:47:50 Debbie – if you read Elaine’s article cautiously – you’ll see it makes absolutely no sense to venture into that "muck". Just because one is an attorney doesn’t mean they are necessarily correct. There is another attorney who posts here frequently and his judgement leaves little to be desired. I question the other individual who clearly can’t even figure out what a conflict of interest is in relation to his own residence and his wifey’s business. Chatham, like the government, doesn’t need to rush to everyone’s rescue. Poor planning on their part doesn’t mean we should be their rescuers. Let Hawich poney up their own money. Kind of like the school system – how’s that working out? Too many conflicts. No more needed.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Nineteen:35:31 The elaborate woodworks at the Eldredge Library , in the older section, is worth a excursion. Like, what machine was used to make all these turned spindles that delineate the railings upstairs?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Nineteen:11:28 Regarding the IMA, I have total confidence in the two accomplished Selectmen, one a lawyer and one with financial expertise, who diligently negotiated an compromised agreement with Harwich. How is it that Chatham benefits from foregoing payment of $6,750,000 from Harwich? IMHO, regional cooperation is critical if the Cape is ever going to solve its wastewater problem.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Eighteen:53:56 Got upstairs in the Eldredge Library Genealogy Section this afternoon, after not having been in that section since one thousand nine hundred fifty five or so CHS students, like everyone else, were permitted in to the Library only at certain hours and certain days. And, no talking back then!

WOW! The collections they have for Fresh England genealogical history is amazing! My wifey found info that she was looking for, re SGT Harlow of Plymouth, and other more latest clues about her MA ancestors.

The Library is a gem!

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Eighteen:05:Legitimate Very interesting "You Guest It" article in the Chronicle by Elaine Gibbs about the Harwich/Chatham proposed sewer deal. What a nightmare that could be.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – Legitimate:04:44 If you mix ginger ale and tomatoe juice then you should’t drink vodka.

USA – Thu 04/27/2017 – 13:35:47 Grandmother Reb Ryder had a lot of Nantucket sayings. Like, "I feel like a nine with the tail cut off."

Or,"You deserve a leather medal". Or, "Don’t act Polpisify." (Her family was living downtown, Polpis was farm country.)"Or, Come in, you’re out." Or, "You can get used to anything if you live long enough." (She was a widow for fifty years.)

There are several pages of these.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 04/26/2017 – 16:42:41 Another: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.

North Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/26/2017 – Ten:53:37 How about, no matter what walk of life you come from, if you

1) do what’s right

Two) you do the best to your capability

Three) That you genuinely care about others

This is what truly matters!

USA – Wed 04/26/2017 – 09:40:57 There’s another telling: "Democracy is not a spectator sport."

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/26/2017 – 06:44:57 As the telling goes, "Be careful what you wish for."

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 04/26/2017 – 06:38:Ten The Chowderman is one clever boy.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/25/2017 – 21:54:Eighteen What were those words? "If nominated, I will not run. If elected, I will not serve."

Orleans, MA USA – Tue 04/25/2017 – 20:05:49 The Chowderman never ran for anything because he was afraid he might get elected.

USA – Tue 04/25/2017 – 00:37:36 I didn’t get elected either. I’m at peace with it.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/24/2017 – Eighteen:48:34 When I ran for Selectman in Eastham, I only had three signs but I used to rotate them around the Town. Got 40% of the vote even however I was rivaling with an incumbent. Perhaps signs DO matter. Sort of glad I didn’t get elected.

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 04/24/2017 – Legitimate:43:13 Interesting array of lawn signs around town. Sixteen more days!

Chatham,, MA USA – Mon 04/24/2017 – 08:26:02 J.W. Dalton’s book Life Savers of Cape Cod is a good profile of the thirteen backside Life saving stations from Ptown to Monomoy Point and their Keepers and crews in 1902. A good in depth look at a select region of the service.

Orleans, MA USA – Sun 04/23/2017 – 09:33:25 Since there seems to be a lull in the activity;

Keeper Daniel Cole of the Cahoon’s Hollow Life-Saving Station (now known as the Beachcomber in the hinterlands of Wellfleet) went to sea when he was nine on a Grand Banks schooner.

Grandfather Richard E. Ryder, born in Chatham, was referred to as Captain Ryder after he became Officer in Charge of the USCG Monomoy Station in 1916. He had previously served at Old Harbor Life-Saving Station, the Monomoy Point LSS Station, at Gurnet LSS Station in Duxbury, and the floating Life-Saving Service Station at City Point in Dorchester. Who knew of a floating station? Actually, there were only two in the U.S. The other was in Louisville, KY.

C.B. Olson has some Life Saving History in his background, as do many others who visit this site.

Always looking to hear from other descendants of Life-Savers.

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/22/2017 – 17:39:Ten It was fairly common for a youthful man of eighteen back then to have risen in stature to be a Mate for a schooner. Some of the boys back then went to sea when they were nine! As cooks usually. Basically able to boil water.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Fri 04/21/2017 – Nineteen:26:55 In 2011, before the fresh Mitchell Sea Bridge was ended, I ready a history of the bridge from its original construction in 1871-1872 to one thousand nine hundred eighty two when the fourth reconstruction of the bridge was finished. I provided the Chatham Historical Society with a copy of the history and would be pleased to email a copy to anyone who might be interested. I am reasonably certain that my sources for the history are accurate, but I would welcome any research or individual recollections that might display that any of my sources are incorrect.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 04/21/2017 – 17:12:21 Thanks much, Richard, for the pointer to the article about Manana. I’d like to track that down.

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Fri 04/21/2017 – 07:26:40 As far as the history of fog bells and fog signals go on Manana Island, Me, the latest issue of Lighthouse Digest has what I would consider the definitive history of the subject . "The Roving Fog Bell of The Manana Island Fog Signal Station".

As much as I keep away from Facebook, suggest interested parties go to Maybe the article will display up there.

Mostly it was a Fog Bell, not much as a Fog Horn. It was called a Fog Signal Station. Who knew?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/20/2017 – Eighteen:06:32 Mike:

I have photos of the pier being built in 1946, as well as the Town Meeting warrant article that funded the original pier. Please email me so I can send you the flicks.

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/20/2017 – 17:36:12 Hi all,

College Park, MD USA – Thu 04/20/2017 – Ten:54:49 One thing that Coasties stationed near any type of foghorn would say, is that they would always pause while speaking in the interval of the blast out of habit. Sometimes they carried this trait ashore and would unknowingly pause every few seconds or minutes without realizing it, while talking to family or whomever.

Orleans, MA USA – Mon 04/17/2017 – 17:24:07 I still spend half a year in my childhood home at the top of Andrew Harding’s Lane and love the rotating light. I always imagined the Stonehorse and Pollock Rip fog horns were talking to each other. I wonder how the Coast Guardsmen on those lightships preserved their hearing. The sound must have been brutal.

CHERRY HILL, NJ USA – Mon 04/17/2017 – 16:55:46 I frequently go to Monhegan Island, ME. Off the coast of Monhegan is a puny island called Manana that has a now-defunct Coast Guard foghorn station. The signs there warn something to the effect of "Warning: Automated Foghorn can sound at any time. Proceeding beyond this point can cause death."

James J Dempsey

W.Chatham+Boxborough, MA USA – Mon 04/17/2017 – 08:46:38 The back bedroom windows of our family home would catch the light as it cycled round and round. The hypnotic rhythm against the dark sky was both mysterious and calming. Fell asleep to it many times. Watching how relatively puny the Fresnel top is makes the reach and power of the light amazing. Would have loved to see the Twins but it was already one by my lifetime.

USA – Mon 04/17/2017 – 08:13:27 I could not let the evening pass, without at least telling Joyous Glad Easter to all. Didn’t hear too much about the early morning Easter Vigil today at Chatham Light. Al-le-lu-ia Al-le-lu-ia Al-le-lu ia.

USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 21:14:26 If you treatment Stage Harbor from Nantucket Sound, the channel has you lined up with the Hardings Beach Light (immobilized) and the Chatham Light (flashing). At least it was, last time I brought the CG36500 to Stage Harbor.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – Eighteen:03:37 This dialogue is very interesting . Glenn S. also knows there were 122,000 bricks delivered to Stage Harbor by schooner in one thousand eight hundred seventy seven for lining the fresh North and South Towers. The cast metal outside shell is conical, but the interior brickwork is cylindrical and the two parts meet just near the lantern room. The Nauset Light, formerly the North Tower at Chatham, is not physically linked to the cement pad which was poured in one thousand nine hundred twenty three just prior to the budge. No bolts! Just an estimated ninety tons. The wind doesn’t seem to affect the round Nauset Light very much. Wonder what the building code would require today, ninety four years later?

Hardings Beach Light is of similar construction.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 17:03:58 Don’t leave behind that when the lighthouses and windmills were built in Chatham, they were naviagational aids for both the Atlantic Ocean and Nantucket Sound, due to the fact there were so few trees.

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 15:28:07 One of the main reasons the lighthouse windows were blackened on the on west and southwest side was to prevent boat captains in Nantucket Sound from observing the beacon and getting confused.

n. eastham, MA USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 14:28:41 Thanks to all who collective memories about the foghorn and lighthouse slat. I reminisce as a little child standing right against the lighthouse at Portland Head one time when the foghorn commenced. Something not to be forgotten – funked the daylights out of me! Would anyone have an idea of when they painted some of the window panes black at the lighthouse? Wonder if there had been some complaints about it shining onto Main Street by those who unluckily, didn’t appreciate it as much as you all did.

USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 13:01:59 Nobska Light in Forest Crevice still has a foghorn. It used to be on the shoreward side of the road and was aimed across the road. Big surprise for motorists passing by at the right time. Now it is across the road and no longer causes drivers to lose control of their autos.

Falmouth, USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 09:45:57 The late "Park" Hammatt was also assigned to the Barateria. In the mid-sixties, I think. Park was also one of the Orleans based Sea Scouts that made national headlines when the troop, led by "Mon" Cochrane, rowed two repurposed CG pulling boats from Monomoy to Nantucket in the fifties.

n. eastham, MA USA – Sun 04/16/2017 – 09:25:25 No Richard, I was on a Weather Cutter, the Barataria out of Portland Maine.

Naples, FL USA – Sat 04/15/2017 – Legitimate:41:44 There might be another town in the US that had the pleasure of hearing two lightship foghorns some nights, but I don’t know where they might be. Amazing that so many people we meet at Old Harbor Station in the summer have no clue about the existence of lightships.

Some Coast Guardsmen say duty on the lightships was brutal, others loved it. Barry Fulcher., weren’t you on one?

No record of a fog horn at Chatham Light, (not needed due to the lightships) but I think there was one at Highland Light in Truro and a steam powered whistle at Race Point Light.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/15/2017 – 17:42:11 My youthfull sons collective a bunk room in a house on Little Beach. They would count the rotations of planks of light coming from the light house instead of counting sheep. A special memory.

North Chatham, MA USA – Sat 04/15/2017 – 12:30:36 For me, growing up at the end of Andrew Harding Lane, it was the cadence of the light house shining through my west bedroom windows that put me to sleep. And, weather permitting, the crashing of the flaps on North Beach coming in through my east bedroom windows. The two together were awesome, and somehow in sync at times!

USA – Sat 04/15/2017 – 09:00:00 Danny, with you it was wheels; with Mark it’s wings. I hope he is well. Please tell him I said hello.

USA – Sat 04/15/2017 – 08:43:20 You may be right, Barry. If it didn’t have wheels on it I didn’F pay too much attention.

West Chatham, MA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 21:29:32 Richard, the album of Ruby and Harvey would be very interesting to my wifey Marie, as she worked for Ruby and Cass at the cleaning shop. She remained very close to Ruby and found her when she died. A good place to share them with those of us that recall them would be on Facebook under If you grew up in Chatham, do you reminisce.

Chatham, MA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 20:38:05 As I slept on the attic floor mattress, with my ear to the East window, after working all day in a downtown shop, and waitressing at the Queen Anne Inn for dinner guests, the foghorn was my beloved friend. ( No guest picnics to pack at 6am). Would not trade the 50s and 60s for a million.

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 15:57:27 Judy, I grew up on School Street during my early years and hearing the fog horn at night from the lightship would lull me to sleep at night. I still love fog and still miss the fog horn.

Brewster, MA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – Ten:39:06 Dan. I think that you, might, have heard the Nantucket lightship if the wind was from the Southeast,but the horns you very likely heard were from the Pollock Rip or Stone Pony lightships,maybe the Cross Rip,as they were much closer to Chatham.

Naples, FL USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – Ten:31:16 "Centimeter" John AKA Highpockets. had two at our house – good times! I still reminisce the bday cake you brought to Doane Road gathering.

USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – Ten:05:31 Danny- yes – that’s it thanks.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 09:05:09 I believe it was the Nantucket Lightship

West Chatham, MA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 08:49:49 Hi Jennifer – Yes, I believe it was on the Lightship – not the Lighthouse. I would imagine others on this room used to hear it as well. Perhaps Mr. Ryder can add more to this. I "believe" this was when it was located way out in front of the Lighthouse. . . I was perhaps 6-8 at the time? Not sure – so long ago.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 08:39:30 Judy P. – I had a question about your mentioning a fog horn. Was that on the lightship? I hadn’t heard about there ever being a fog horn on the lighthouse and was nosey. Thanks!

USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 08:28:26 Ben H: I was at the Chat-M-Room meetups that we had but I was NOT the organizer. That was done by our various hosts using the site. I believe we had at least three of them, or was it four or more? Based on photos and memory, I recall being at the Olson’s, Edge’s, Chapman’s, Pratt’s and was there one at D Nickerson’s?

J Hallgren (As user)

Clearwater, FL USA – Fri 04/14/2017 – 03:57:03 I agree with Judith,Debbie,and George – Dick politics are indeed dangerous topic local or national but any topic should be OK if we avoid the individual sniping and cheap shots – I apologize if I crossed these lines or offended anyone – Think it’s good that Richard, Carl (Bobo Olson middleweight boxing champ aka Chowderman)and others from that era are planning a 60th class reunion – I hope that same Chatham spirit will be picked up by John Hallgren who did such a excellent job organizing our original reunion so that he might consider promoting another reunion at the end of the summer – I reminisce having a superb time with the Pattersons and Donnie Nick with his John Deere hat at that pot luck gathering but they are no longer with us – Must have been at least twenty of us John used to have photos – Time to meet and get to know Judith and others face to face – Just sayin

USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 21:38:43 I agree with both Debbie and Judith. Many of us did not have the "growing up" practice in Chatham that many of you did, but that does not mean our interest in Chatham is any less (even if we don’t vote here).

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 20:11:30 Richard – I recall my mom telling us stories of her grandfather who was a Lighthouse Keeper. I wish I had paid more attention. I reminisce one story she told me that when he was on the "Lightship" and my grandfather was a petite boy he missed him so much he rowed out to see him. I reminisce being very puny in bed at night listening to the fog horn and being frightened. Wow – what memories you brought back – thank you!

USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – Legal:29:45 Debbie, I agree with you. The boss (John) has always made it clear that local politics is a welcome topic, but not national elections. Only a few people broke that rule. It shouldn’t be up to one or two people to dictate what sort of discussion ensues. I find it is the people who live and vote here, who are most interested in our current and future issues. Those who once lived here seem to want the room to be about the past. It can be both as long as John approves.

North Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – Eighteen:15:57 Maybe it is time to relate nicknames? Mine was Rinky Dink, based on nothing. (Thanks, John Pratt.)

Verne Hunt was Digger. (His Dad was the undertaker) .Carl was Bobo. Diane M. was Patia. John Chanberlain was Chamby..

I challenge others to step up. From other classes too!

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – Legal:09:45 By the way, those of us who graduated with Carl know his middle name began with a B after his Dad, not H.. Like CBO. How could he have had a nickname like "Bobo" otherwise?

Many of the West Chatham folks certainly are closely related to the Hardings. Noted ship captains and Lighthouse Keepers, they were.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 17:47:32 Form vs from? I know the difference. Josephine Crowell would perhaps given me a B+.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 17:35:29 In the interest in pursuing a switch in the current thread,

I have a photo album (that John Whelan has seen) that has photos taken in the one thousand nine hundred eighteen era of Chatham places but a lot of Chatham people are in there as well. Like, pictures of Ruby Bloomer and Harvey Bloomer at very early ages.

Since neither of them had any children, who might be interested in the snapshots?

You might notice the Cape Cod Five Calendar for this year recently had a photo of the Stage Harbor pier, elevated by accumulating ice.. That photo was taken form this photo album I speak of.

Next stop for the album? Chatham Historical Society.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 17:29:Legal Politics does not belong in this talk room. You talk about a mess, that is what you will get if you let politics take over this room. You want to talk politics, go on Facebook.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 16:59:02 "Divided mess"? The room that "we"want? Who gualifies as a "we"? Bimbo me. I thought this venue was open to all. Also that the rules permit for comments on current political topics. What am I missing?

Chatham,, MA USA – Thu 04/13/2017 – 12:45:44 Nancy fucked it – that’s the room we want and had – We just weighed in with memories and stories from the old days – even had a Chatmroom reunion hosted by Jean and Gordon then later one hosted by Carl and Carol – would be so much joy to point in that direction again for early September but all the politics and squabbling seem to undermine that possibility some in here actually don’t like or respect one another – Dick you may be glad to see John has finish control as it should be but until he brings us all together with something along the lines of a reunion or get together, I say it’s a divided mess with finger pointing, politics, and rules

USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 21:55:33 John, glad to see you have accomplish control of this talk room as it should be.

Don’t let some on this site grind you down. If they do not like how you run this forum, don’t participate. Ordinary.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – Nineteen:29:34 Sorry, but I am so over this debacle. Whatever happened to our old Chat-M-Room? You know. the one with interesting information about our beautiful town and the "kind" people in it.

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – Nineteen:15:45 Judith: Sorry but that ‘ordinary solution’ hasn’t yet been accomplished by sites with massive resources, like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google, etc. so for me to attempt to do so would be unlikely, and would demolish one of the core principles upon which this site was created which was that virtually anyone was free to make comments here, subject to a few rules on decency and those to block spam.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 17:47:53 Judith maybe next go around you should run for selectman to help switch this "corrupt" town YOU live in. I do not understand you or your views but respect them. Now get out and walk the beaches, stroll Main St., hike the trails and love all Chatham has to suggest. Oh and yes vote for Davis!!

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 16:Ten:16 Amy, some of us just want fairness. When I came to Chatham many years ago, I witnessed only the beauty around us, and I was thrilled to live here. As I became better educated about the business of the town, government, politics, special interest groups, and challenges, it was demonstrable there are issues here (perhaps like many other towns) that are not beautiful and deserve attention. This is a place where citizens can do that, hopefully responsibly. Best not to hide our goes in the sand, albeit many choose to do so.

North Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 15:54:20 It amazes me that some of those who post are so worried with the name associated with the post. I like reading the content of the posts. There are two candidates and supporters for each. Let’s attempt to respect one another whether you know or think you know who is posting. Let’s get out of ourselves for a bit and look around. it’s a big world out there with weighty issues. aliases used in a talk room in a puny town are pretty petite potatoes. And smile. many of us actually get to live in this beautiful place called Chatham.

USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 14:37:00 Sorry John, but I think you’ve been "played". The elementary solution to this problem is to no longer permit assumed names, aliases, pretenders and people who do not wish to be accountable to contribute to this site. It’s too effortless for those people to promote inaccuracies, false charges and get away with it, unless someone in this room knows better and challenges them. "Steve Harding" and "George Hamilton" (in his fantasies!) have been trouble-makers. This is your site, but I think you have responsibilities along with ownership. If someone is so worried about retribution that he uses an alias or assumed name and blocked phone number in order to protect his employment or business, perhaps refraining from comments in this room would be wise.

North Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 12:44:57 Let me attempt once again to clarify my feelings when it comes to signatures here:

1) As long as a signature cannot be confused with another existing poster, it’s generally fine. The ‘name’ Steve/n Harding was unique and had not been used before here, and AFAIK, neither has Harding been used as a last name but only as a maiden/middle name.

Two) While Harding is a name that has special value to some users here, and I understand that, it’s not a surname that doesn’t exist outside of Chatham and thus can be used by other posters, even if it’s not their actual name. Same goes for Nickerson or Eldredge and many others.

Trio) I have NO means to verify if a name is real or not and thus permit names which could be real if user is from another city/state. Alan Wirsul is an example, as many thought it was a fake name but it’s a real name for a real person who happens to live off-Cape.

Four) I resent the ‘stupid liberal interpretations which you call rules’ statement as many others here have no issues with my rules, which are, I think, clearly defined and implemented. And by the nature of the office, BOS and candidates for it are permitted to be criticized a bit more than others. I attempt to showcase no favoritism in my Moderator posts/deeds to BOS related posts.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 11:47:28 Ben — thank you for the kind comments about my Mom. She never would have used the vile comments directed at Mr. Taylor as the fake Mr. Harding did. In fact, my mother was a strong supporter of Seth Taylor . There is no doubt in my mind she would support Mr. Taylor in this upcoming election and not be swayed by developers as the other candidate has been.

W. Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 09:31:24 Bill M Chronicle Four/6/17 at p. Five.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 09:Legitimate:15 I wonder who Carl Harding Olson agrees with.

USA – Wed 04/12/2017 – 09:11:24 Hey Jennifer – excellent thought and attitude but "see John in charge, see John deal with it" – this Harding psedonymn blocked number charade gets worse by the day – from my perspective room moderator John is permitting Mr Blocked Number and maybe others to hide behind and discredit a good respected Chatham name – Jane Harding Patterson was a force in here for many years and wrote a book about that Harding chick growing up in Chatham – C’mon John, you’re a good man at heart, get over these stupid literal interpretations which you call rules and pledge to all of us that every Harding we see in here from now on is a "real genuine Harding" – we could care less about your private conversations and blocked numbers – we all just want to know that the name is real or if you must permit aliases, please don’t let the poster use someone else’s real name – I think Jane is wiggling her finger at you right now! /s/ Benjamin Harding Hallowell Jr

USA – Tue 04/11/2017 – 20:Eighteen:51 Yes, Judith, a blocked nbr. because it seems someone feels that they may possibly suffer some form of negative financial influence and/or other retributions if their identity as related to these comments is known. I have heard of that happening in town before so I am willing to attempt and accommodate users like that. If you wish to not do so, that’s fine but others should realize that this person might even be someone everyone knows based on their desire to remain private, as the more known a person is, the greater potential for harm exists.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 23:11:47 OMG John! A blocked number! Someone’s indeed paranoid. Maybe a Russian spy. I give up. You will do what you will do.

North Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 22:06:01 Judith: I had a phone call from a blocked nbr yesterday and the person said "I am the one posting as Steve Harding". We talked for about 7+ minutes about the problem those posts were causing and what solution to it could be achieved behind the scenes to prevent any future impostors of that signature.

As to my own views: I attempt to do my best to remain neutral in cases like this because I don’t believe it’s good for the site for me to take sides. However, I do favor posts which provide positive reasons for any particular candidate instead of those which attack the opposition or worse, attack the poster themselves.

Eventually, I do NOT consider a person who feels the need to protect their true identity here for business, employment, individual or other reasons to be an impostor. That term only applies to someone who fraudulently uses another users signature.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 21:Nineteen:27 Please, enough about Steve Harding! John is in charge, he’s treating it.

So as our granddaughters say, "Let it Go"!

USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 21:02:16 John: Let me understand. A "Steve Harding" supports Shareen, and you happen to know who that person indeed is. And another "Steve Harding" should be overlooked? You have personally told me you don’t know who "Steve Harding" is. If you support Shareen, just say so. If you think you now know who "Steve Harding" is, it may not mean anything to you if that person is not a voter, but it may be significant to others when a imposter supports a candidate. Just sayin’.

North Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 20:04:36 Judith: I have stated before that unless you/others have some proof that you can share with me that numerous people are using that signature (other than the two definite impostor posts when that subject was used), that I would willingly request you refrain from making accusations like that. Just because a signature doesn’t match voter rolls doesn’t mean anything to me in terms of being a site user, as it’s open to anyone with an interest in Chatham.

Now I do know that the person using that signature (it’s NOT a moniker because it uses typical/valid very first/last names) is a supporter of Shareen Davis so any posts contrary to that from that signature should be disregarded.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – Nineteen:47:17 Interesting as there is no Steve Harding living and voting in Chatham and yet the charade proceeds by more than one person using that moniker. Take comments under advisement as he or she is an imposter.

North Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – Nineteen:34:00 I attended a meet an greet for a Shareen Davis and she was very well received. Good group, all ages, working, retired, fishing community, merchants. She listens to people, doesn’t lecture them. Wants to hear issues and doesn’t have preconceived answers.

The discourse in Chatham will switch for the better when she is elected.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – Legitimate:Legal:09 Bill M. I agree, and could’t find any info on the town site. I think there was some coverage in last week’s Chronicle, and maybe more this week. Meantime, I suggest you phone the Town Manager to suggest the journey was newsworthy. She was in DC too.

North Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – Legal:02:03 I heard that Seth Taylor went to Washington DC last week and gave testimony to Congress to defend Chatham’s rights on Monomoy and Nantucket Sound. I looked on the Town website but there is no trace of it anywhere that I could find. I thought that it would be pretty significant to read something like this on the front page of the town’s site. Does anyone know about this?

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 15:54:05 Richard I sent a picture of the only 2-wheel wheel chair to your comcast address. Hope you get it.

Naples, FL USA – Mon 04/Ten/2017 – 13:59:42 I’ll leave that one alone, John. I guess we have to pass it, to see how long it takes.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sat 04/08/2017 – 21:33:03 Can anyone display me a link to a picture of a two wheeled wheelchair, and where to buy it? The only thing I came up with is a spinoff of the Segway. Is that what you folks are referring to? Inquiring minds want to know.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/08/2017 – 17:36:38 Speaking of LTE in Chronicle, I am not sure what math is used by one letter writer who claims the West Chatham roadway project will take five or seven seasons..yet only span a two year period. The majority of people I know refer to a season on the Cape as the Memorial Day to Labor Day period or similar, so you could only have two seasons in two years. Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall may be seasons for clothing and such but not for Cape business from what I know so counting by them is just another way of attempting to make it sound worse than it is.

J Hallgren (as user)

Clearwater , FL USA – Sat 04/08/2017 – Ten:48:22 Jared’s letter in the Chronicle hit the pound on the head. Good work!

North Chatham, MA USA – Sat 04/08/2017 – 09:53:Ten Another letter this coming week by Todd Kelley. Todd and Jared have deep roots in Chatham and are both very distressed over what has become of the town.

USA – Sat 04/08/2017 – 09:14:30 Excellent letter in this week’s Chronicle by Jared Fulcher! Please take time to read if you haven’t already done so.

USA – Fri 04/07/2017 – 20:49:30 So I go out for dinner and this site gets weird. and given the open nature of how it works, since user registration is a elaborate coding problem beyond my abilities/abilities and time, plus as I’m not wanting to budge it to platform which supports that because it would ruin the ‘puny town’ feel that it has always had, this ‘Steve Harding’ signature has become a real problem!

So – whomever has been using that signature MUST contact me by email or phone to provide me with contact info by midnight Friday 04/07/17 if they want their posts to remain on this site as they presently exist.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Fri 04/07/2017 – 04:01:Nineteen Aha! Dan Meservey. Art thou a Danny Kaye fan?

North Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 20:41:29 The Vessel from the Pessel has the Pellet with the poison. The Challis from Palice has the Brew that is true

West Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 20:28:59 There are a few people here who are going to wreck a very good thing

USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 20:02:26 John, in an attempt to be fair and balanced I wrote the below post. I chose to speak positively about both Davis and Taylor. I agree with my impersonator that the site is becoming a challenge but disagree that he is me.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 17:25:11 Wow! Someone impersonating an impersonator- how very odd!

W. Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 17:21:36 Well John, it’s getting pretty strange on the talk room. The previous post supposedly written by Steve Harding praising Mr. Taylor was not written by me. I feel the finish opposite of what that "fake’ post says. I chose only to speak positively about Shareen Davis for which I appreciate yours and others comments. I do however disavow the post made today at 16:32:30 by someone impersonating me. Your efforts to keep your site on the up and up must be very challenging.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 17:13:Eighteen Thanks for your support John. Posts have been pretty harsh about Selectman Taylor in the past but in fairness, and to be positive, obviously many people are also very blessed to see that Selectman Taylor is running for re-election and when it comes down to it, a lot of people will be voting for him, that’s for certain. He has shown a solid commitment to the voters and taxpayers of Chatham. In reviewing his records, Taylor does attend every Selectman’s meeting ready to discuss the issues and do the peoples business and he fights for the best interests of Chatham’s citizens. Taylor puts a lot of time into the critical subjects that come before Chatham’s BOS and last week’s Chronicle letter that said: "Taylor Grips Sophisticated Issues" is accurate. Taylor has also most likely been one of the most fair, open and see-through Selectmen that Chatham has had in latest memory- so that can’t taken away from him. Chatham residents like him because he is fair and has integrity. Taylor cannot be corrupted, bought, or manipulated and nobody possesses him. So it will be an interesting race. Honesty counts and while Taylor might talk too much and make some spoken gaffes at times, he is as fair as they come. Taylor is an excellent choice for Chatham voters as well.

Chatham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 16:32:30 We always use this service during our bi-coastal trips. Dick in the chair with Lucy (the cat) on his lap. I have the carry-ons and often have to run like the wind in either Dallas or Phoenix. Once, the wheelchair boy actually rebooked a bunch of us in Dallas after storms caused massive cancellations. Talk about a BIG peak!

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – Ten:31:16 Not the ones I rail in Rich. Maybe back in the day.

Brewster, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 09:49:39 All the wheel chairs I have commanded have always had two large wheels and two smaller ones.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Thu 04/06/2017 – 09:29:33 I could not agree more, Carl, and I always use one at the airports. Those who shove me are always well taken care of by me as they do work enormously hard and deserve to be rewarded. So blessed you are using the 2-wheeled chair, as well.

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 21:58:31 Nancy is correct – a wheel chair. I use one when traveling by air, going to the doctor in Boston, and other occasions. I could not give enough positive comments to those who are so kind, thoughtful, and generous to me when I need help. My tipping jar has taken fairly a hit over the past few years but they more than deserve whatever they receive.

USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 21:05:05 Carl, A wheel chair!

Brewster, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 20:35:12 Thanks, friends, for your pointers.

CH, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 20:08:31 April Three, 2017

Please be advised that Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has ordered that the United States flag and the Commonwealth flag be lowered to half-staff at all state buildings effective instantly, today April Trio, two thousand seventeen until the day of interment in honor of Massachusetts State Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly, Fourth Middlesex district, of Arlington, MA who passed away on April Two, 2017. Extra details surrounding the date of interment will be provided once received by the Governor’s Office.

South Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 11:02:31 Carl: A bicycle?

We need to begin planning for our CHS 60th HS reunion. Ross Gould and I will be working here on my tractor carburetor tomorrow morning, so maybe we’ll come up with some ideas.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – Ten:49:28 Bob, I spotted it as a post on the news site That’s all I know.

West Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 09:34:59 BobR: I witnessed the flag info via a Facebook post by the Yarmouth PD so not sure if there’s a state web site that may publish those notices or how that works.

J Hallgren (As user)

Clearwater, FL USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 09:21:Legitimate Thanks Wayne, but I truly would like to know where to find the information online. Anyone know the secret? I attempted the town website – nada!

CH, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 09:12:35 BobR, the Governor had the flags lowered for a state senator that died all of a sudden.

West Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 09:04:31 Excellent drone movie of the fresh break shot by Chris Seufert. Take a look at it, he knows what he is doing.

Chatham, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 08:35:35 How does one learn for whom the rotary flag flies at half-mast?

CH, MA USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 08:Eighteen:07 Ben H – Got a hot rod Ford and a two dollar bill; attempt my best to get Fran to Blueberry Hill. The soda pop and the dancing is free, so if you if you want a good time then leave Sad Sacks with me.

USA – Wed 04/05/2017 – 02:14:43 Wayne and Bill M – After much frustration, I have grown to think of John as the "Excellent Uncle" who. whether we like it or not, hosts the Chatham family reunion. He has his own rules and is rightly criticized for selective and overly literal enforcement but it’s John’s reunion – he tells us where to sit, he chooses the menu. he even tells us what is permitted discussion at the dinner table. Why do we put up with this? Because, like it or not, we want to attend the reunion and catch up with one another. We all have news and memories we want to share – in order to do that, we have to put up with literal rules and interpretations which only John’s mind can fathom – some long timers like Bruce in Alaska simply say enough and announce they are leaving – the rest of us string up around hoping for less politics/squabbles and more quizzes from Chowderman or at least his memories of Blueberry Hill.

USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 20:47:26 Bill M. I disagree! I think John does a excellent job. I think what you and many others do not understand this is not a public open forum, it is John’s website. If you do not like the way he runs it go somewhere else or begin your own. That has been attempted but has not worked well. Everyone always comes back to John’s.

West Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – Nineteen:36:43 Judith: I have always attempted my best to be ‘fair and balanced’ when it comes to which political related comments are ok and which are not. The key distinction that some don’t seem to understand but which matters to me is: Is the comment directed at the poster or the issue/candidate? The latter is generally acceptable but the former, usually not. So it’s normally not the point of view that might cause an issue but how the poster voices it.

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – Nineteen:22:33 John, Unluckily you have different rules for different people. Your enforcement is selective.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 16:44:14 John I think you have misunderstood my comment. In NO way have I criticized positive comments. But, there should be balance, and not condemnation of someone who has an opposing point of view. That’s what free speech is all about, not censoring points of view you might not agree with.

North Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 16:14:03 Judith, while you proceed to remain suspicious, I would suggest you post something positive about the person YOU would support for selectmen. I agree with Steven and Carl and look forward to the upcoming town election.

Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 14:30:00 Judith: I was simply telling that positive comments about either candidate are preferable over negative comments about the candidate whom that person opposes. And I find no reason why anyone who makes a stringently complimentary post should be criticized, ok? The comments themselves are basically open to being discussed but not the capability of the poster to make them, even if that poster remains unknown (even to me).

J Hallgren (As Moderator)

Clearwater, FL USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 13:36:06 John H: The elections in Chatham are very significant to the people who live and vote here. I’m worried that you seem to wish only complimentary or supportive comments regarding candidates. That’s not been the policy in the past, and I hope you haven’t determined to switch the policy. There is factual information available at town offices regarding the names of some of the supporters of candidates. That information can be illuminating. I suspect (not sure) that’s where Judy P. got her information. I think it’s relevant as people make their decision about who will best represent the people of the town.

North Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 11:08:32 I’m on Carl’s side on this. A rigorously positive comment re any candidate without any negative attacks is the type of political post that should be the ones here ideally if there are going to be some. While Steve Harding may not be posters actual name, it meets my criteria for a non-moniker signature and has been used enough times to establish a pattern, so this person certainly has the right to post something like that.

J Hallgren (as Moderator)

Clearwater , FL USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 09:30:29 Flew over the fresh brake yesterday with my brother Norm at low tide and eyed the CBI boat going threw it. This break is now established. Its over one hundred ft. broad.

N Chatham, MA USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 08:17:44 Steve Harding – I however that was a nice and well written endorsement of Sharee Davis, whom I will vote for, and, I assume, JudyP will not.

USA – Tue 04/04/2017 – 03:26:15 "Steve Harding" – knock off the polictics- please – we don’t care to hear your thoughts on Shareen – who has gave way to developers $$$ and their backing

West Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – 22:41:Ten Very glad that Shareen Davis is running for Selectman. She is qualified in so many ways. A local, a person who has lived her entire life in Chatham, raised her family here, made her living here, volunteered her time here. She is a person who truly understands the challenges of making a living in such a seasonal economy but understands the benefits of making it work. She will decently represent the diverse interests of those that choose to live here, work here, summer here or visit here.and she will do it by bringing people together. Excellent choice for Chatham voters.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – Nineteen:07:29 Stay tuned for the latest developments on this wandering, fairly substantial, buoy. Thanks Bob and Dick for your learned inputs.

The rock outcrop (awash most times) this buoy represents is not a nice place to hit.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – Eighteen:30:13 I am flashing white in an occult style.

CH, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – Eighteen:06:05 Coast Guard helicopter checked it out several times while I was quahoging and then left.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – 17:45:53 Is it still flashing crimson every four seconds?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – 13:42:09 USCG Notice to Mariners last month listed that buoy as OFF STA (station) . Certainly is now. Wonder how they will retrieve it? Need to get a line to it, then pull it off the beach and lifted on to a buoy tender I’d guess.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – 13:32:41 The bouy is from old man ledge, Muscongus, Maine.

Chatham, MA USA – Mon 04/03/2017 – 07:15:13 It was hard to tell which buoy it was through the haze yesterday. CG was watching it and they too thought it was the C buoy. Wonder where it came from?

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sun 04/02/2017 – 16:29:37 C-buoy still in place. A very large buoy is ashore about a mile southwest or so of the C-buoy location, at the high water mark. Best place to view this stuff would be the boardwalk northeast of the weather station.

CH, MA USA – Sun 04/02/2017 – 15:45:14 Emily, There are lots of photos and movies. You just have to know where to look.Go to these pages, Chatham Southway,Chatham Three Cracks, and Chatham News and Cool Photos. Also attempt Jimmie Fallon and Randy Saul. Randy went through it in his boat this morning and got movie and Jimmie walked down and also got movie.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sun 04/02/2017 – 14:26:40 I wish some would post a photo on Facebook!

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Sun 04/02/2017 – 14:14:58 The site of the former tombolo is confusing as of this morning at Ten:15. It’s difficult to tell what will remain of the inlet and a way to get to south beach, if at all possible. Lots swirling water everywhere. Hasn’t discouraged the seals tho. One puny sandbar providing them a place to congregate. It also looks like there will be other areas of south beach where the ocean will break through sooner rather than later.

North Chatham, MA USA – Sun 04/02/2017 – 11:45:09 Just returned from the "Lights". It has cracked through inwards where the pond used to be, Washing right through there so as to prevent anyone from getting to South Beach, at least at high tide. We observed the

"C" Buoy depart it’s mooring and head South around four PM.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/01/2017 – 17:Nineteen:51 South Beach is having a major wash over where it joins the Tombolo. The one on Three/23 was just a wash over but this one looks much worse. It could be a breach.

West Chatham, MA USA – Sat 04/01/2017 – 17:15:34 I heard the old "Hook Fishermen’s" group leader in a radio interview last week say " There are presently more than one hundred active boats fishing out of Aunt Lydia’s Cove." The only boat in glance of the Chatham Municipal Pier has not been off its mooring in years. Someone has lost touch with reality. The bar, however, is as bad as it gets. You can idiot some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time. you know the rest.

CH, MA USA – Sat 04/01/2017 – 14:34:49 Yes! They are operating out of either Saquatucket or Wychmere in Harwich, or Stage Harbor in Chatham. After today’s no’theaster with fifty mph NE winds, and twenty foot seas there may be a big switch in the entrance(s). Recently, there was a reported two feet of water at low tide at the bar. For reference, the CG36500 draws three 1/Two feet. However, she has a two thousand lb bronze keel so hitting bottom does no harm as long as she can keep moving.

Richard Gould Ryder

Eastham, MA USA – Sat 04/01/2017 – 14:32:46 Where have all the fishing vessels gone from Aunt Lydia’s Cove? Is crossing the bar gotten THAT bad?

Rancho Mirage, CA USA – Sat 04/01/2017 – Ten:58:32

Related video:

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