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WhatsApp for Android eventually gets a dedicated movie calling button

WhatsApp for Android ultimately gets a dedicated movie calling button

WhatsApp periodically releases updates to fine-tune its messaging service. In what comes as a welcome addition, Android users are now getting a dedicated movie calling button in the v2.17.146 update. Available through Google Play, the update brings some subtle yet necessary tweaks to the UI.

In the previous version, there would be a single calling button. Long pressing the button would release the option to either make a movie or voice call over WhatsApp. Now, as part of the latest update, there is a dedicated movie call button on the top panel alongside the regular calling icon. This also relocates the attachment clip down into the message box, next to camera and voice recording icon.

It is worth mentioning that a dedicated movie calling button has long existed on iOS, and is the fresh little tweak suggested to Android users. In another subtle UI switch, the text box too has been revised with a more rounded form than the edgy square form. If you still haven’t updated to the latest version of WhatsApp, you can go to Google Play -> WhatsApp -> Install Update. ALSO READ: WhatsApp to soon let you pin up to three talks; here’s how it works

Meantime, WhatsApp is also working on introducing a fresh feature that will permit users to pin their beloved talks onto the top. It is presently available as part of a fresh update for beta users through version Two.17.162 or Two.17.163. The feature will be available via a dedicated icon in the activity bar, placed next to functions such as delete, mute, and archive.

Similar to how pinning works on other platforms such as Facebook and Twitter; a pinned talk will remain on the top irrespective of whether it is the latest talk or an older one. Beta users report that as of now, one can only pin up to a maximum of three talks. If one is attempting to pin another talk, an alert pops up stating, “You can’t pin more.” However, there is an option to unpin talks and substitute with another.

Albeit there are other features available to highlight some talks, they do not place the entire thread at effortless access. For example, the option to unread a talk does not put the talk on the top. While the bookmark option works only for specific messages within a talk and are available under a separate ‘starred message’ label. The purported pinning feature will thus pack in the gaps and help users determine on prioritizing talks or make them more accessible to get back to. ALSO READ: Facebook to hire Trio,000 more human reviewers to monitor violent content: Mark Zuckerberg

Lately, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has been adding a number of ‘borrowed’ features from rival photo, video-messaging app Snapchat. With its disappearing Stories-like Status feature, the app has managed to ape the rival service to the extent that it now boasts more users. In Facebook’s latest quarterly report, CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted that WhatsApp’s Status users now stand at one hundred seventy five million, which is higher than Snapchat’s one hundred sixty one million daily users.

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